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With a large haul of tungsten, Senku has everything he needs to make his cellphone! It’s going to take loads of work, but he has the village behind him and science will make things easier. That’s just how it works!

What did you watch?

It’s episode 23 of Dr. Stone which means there is only one more episode after this one… Where did all the time go. I’ve been having so much fun with this series and hope that we get a second season. It certainly deserves it in my humble opinion. Once more we join Senku as he attempts to create a mobile communication device that would give them a sure advantage in the coming war with Tsukasa. Let’s see how far they get! You can expect spoilers and some heartwarming moments, as usual.

Dr Stone Episode 23 Chrome Senku Kinro Kohaku Riri Tungsten

What happened?

With the morning sunrise, Senku confirmed the large pile of minerals was in fact tungsten. Now, they just need to turn it into something useful. Magma and Mantel were quick to jump at the chance to break somethings and began to hammer the rocks into sand. Senku needed to do some chemistry stuff to prepare it for the next stage. He left Chrome and Kaseki the task of creating a device that would be able to heat the tungsten to more than one-thousand degrees. They will need all of their science skills for this one.

There were several more processes that needed to be completed and one of them gave Senku the chance to build stoves and install them in all of the village huts. The former chief gave Senku his approval and confirmed that he was right to pass the torch onto him. The next thing was to create a Hickman pump which is an insanely complicated glass apparatus used in making vacuum tubes. Kaseki wasn’t sure where to begin, but a challenge was sure to fire him up. Slowly and surely, everything came together and finally, Senku turned on his radio transmitter/receiver.

Dr Stone Episode 23 Kaseki's Hickman Pump

What did you think?

Last week’s episode was fine, if a little goofy, but this was a return to the Dr. Stone we all know and love. It was focused on science and the process of creating the cellphone. There were a lot of great moments that all helped to drive this episode on and show just how valuable Senku is to the village. I can’t help but love these episodes and this series just seems to keep getting better. Now, with only one episode left, I’m curious to see how they end the season. Surely, the war with Tsukasa won’t be over in one episode!

Dr Stone Episode 23 Chrome and Senku High Five

What was your favourite moment?

I loved that Senku was able to give Chrome a task and leave him to figure it out all on his own. He’s certainly proven himself with the waterwheel. It showed a great step forward and that, Senku isn’t the only source of invention. This moment was good, but it was what followed later that really caught me off-guard. Kaseki watched as Senku and Chrome high-fived and then revealed how he was a little jealous of them. We got a little glimpse of Kaseki’s life and how he’d been alone and used his crafting skills to remain relevant. He wished that he had a ‘building buddy’ too.

Chrome and Senku gave him a curious look. Then Chrome told him that he already had two building buddies and pointed at the two of them. Kaseki looked a little taken back and asked if that was possible with him being almost fifty years older than them. Chrome then hammered the point home by asking why age would matter… It doesn’t and that was the glorious feelgood moment in this episode. If you’ve got a group of people with a shared passion, how does age, gender, or any other random classification you can choose matter? It should always be about the things that unite us and not the meaningless differences.

What was your least favourite moment?

This was another excellent episode and I am finding it hard to come up with anything, so I’m going to mention Kaseki again and how looking back at his life, I couldn’t help but feel sorry that it had taken this long for him to find a group of friends that truly appreciated him and his abilities. It just goes to show, that you should never give up, there’s always tomorrow and anything can happen.

Dr Stone Episode 23 Kaseki Can't Believe It

Who was your favourite character?

I have enjoyed Gen for quite a while now and mostly due to his point of view. He has experience of the world Senku is trying to create and understands the difficult processes that he’s trying to overcome. He might not get the actual science, but he can see it’ll be hard. It offers a very different opinion to the villagers who are mostly curious and don’t understand necessarily how hard it might be. So, when Senku gave Gen the task of putting together the batteries it gave him a chance to do some actual work. The sequence of him making three batteries was hilarious and then when Senku popped his head in and said he needed eighty, Gen’s feeling of accomplishing something understandably crumbled!

Dr Stone Episode 23 Gen Making Batteries

Who was your least favourite character?

I can’t pick a least favourite character in this one either. Even Magma was working with the villagers to help Senku and while he may have jumped the gun at one stage, he ended up doing the right thing anyhow. It’s grown to quite the large cast and everyone gets a brief moment to contribute and each instance feels natural. No one is being forced to do something that they can’t, which is nice. Even Ginro’s objections and Kinro forcing him to pitch in are what you’d expect. They’ve done a great job of developing everyone and keeping them in character.

Dr Stone Episode 23 Ginro Kinro Kohaku Kaseki Suika Magma Chrome

Would you like some more?

There is one episode left in the season and I can’t wait for it. I also can’t wait for another season, so someone better greenlight that soon. This series has been incredible and I have loved every moment of it. It definitely got better when Senku got to Ishigami village, but that just raised its game even higher. I was cautiously excited for this series and it has blown all of my expectations out of the water.

Dr Stone Episode 23 Senku's Phone

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