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Senku and Tsukasa consider the options leading up to the upcoming war and both appear to have each other figured out, but even Tsukasa would expect Senku to make a cell phone in the stone world!

What did you watch?

So, the last episode of Dr. Stone was a little bit of a low point for me as several inconsistencies weighed on my mind. Overall though, I can’t fault the series for enjoyment, entertainment, and just sheer delight. This is episode 20 and I’m certain things will get back on track as long as we go back to the scientific elements that have made this such a great series so far. As normal, you can expect there to be spoilers.

Dr Stone Episode 20 Homura

What happened?

Hyoga had reported back to Tsukasa that Senku was alive and building his nation of science. Tsukasa decided that as they controlled the revival formula and they needed to gather supplies for winter, that they would attack in the spring, believing that Senku would see things the same way, which he did. Senku, however, got to work on the development of mobile communication devices and the first part of that was to make a cotton candy machine…

In actual fact, that cotton candy machine will be used to create gold wires, but they needed to perfect the procedure on cotton candy before attempting with gold. The villagers of Ishigami Village were understandably blown away by their first experience of candy. Senku then left some of Homara, Hyoga’s spy that was watching them. To produce perfect cotton candy, Senku had to create a gear system to maintain the even flow. This then inspired Chrome to come up with his own invention which he worked on diligently with Kiseki.

What did you think?

And we’re back. Other than the beginning section where Tsukasa and Senku were guessing what the other did that seemed to try to explain a load of my issues with the last episode, this one was amazing. There were so many cool moments that I’m not sure how I’m going to cover them all, but I’m going to try. It was the return to science and discovery that really did it and seeing Chrome putting the ideas that he’s learnt together to make his own invention was awesome.

Dr Stone Episode 20 Chrome and Kaseki show Senku Waterwheel

What was your favourite moment?

It was without a doubt seeing Chrome get the idea from Senku’s gear and Ginro’s comments about how easy it was to use. Then, he hurriedly dragged Kiseki aside to explain his idea and he loved it. He loved it so much that his clothes shredded and he left everyone else on the floor confused as to what happened. Kiseki grabbed Chrome and set off to complete their secret project.

While Senku and the others worked on creating a massive amount of gold wires, Chrome and Kiseki worked through the day and night for three whole days. Then a dishevelled Chrome returned to seek Senku’s approval. Amazingly, they had created a water wheel all by themselves, although Kiseki was a little disappointed to learn it already had a name. I had a feeling that was what they were doing, but it was still a joy to watch.

Dr Stone Episode 20 Chrome and Kaseki

What was your least favourite moment?

So, I’ve already mentioned the part at the beginning of this episode was less than enjoyable and it kind of boils down to one thing. Both Senku and Tsukasa appear to have the same idea and can think like one another. Well, I think that knowing that, they should both know that the other knows how they think so if either of them hopes to win, the element of surprise is key.

If the enemy knows how you think, then you need to think like someone else. I’m also not buying the need for Taiju and Yuzuriha as hostages, but even if that was the case, I’d lock them up now and save myself any trouble down the line. It just felt a little too convenient that both are going to wait for the same time. It was the same as the Hyoga waiting for a storm to attack the village again.

Dr Stone Episode 20 Gen thinks like Tsukasa

Who was your favourite character?

I’m going to go with the Chrome and Kiseki partnership. These guys are hilarious, whether it’s constructing a waterwheel that Senku was able to turn into a hydroelectric power station or when they were eagerly asking Senku how the mobile communication device works. It’s great to see the enthusiasm these two characters bring the show, especially as their ages differ quite significantly.

Dr Stone Episode 20 Chrome and Kaseki want to Know

Who was your least favourite character?

I enjoy Gen’s cynicism and how he repeatedly questions what is going on, but has he learnt nothing from the cola incident. Senku is capable of anything if he puts his mind to it. It’s amazing that he has remembered all of these formulae and equations to be able to do what he has and given this unlimited capacity, nothing is off the table. So, come on, Gen, get with the program, although don’t stop with the sarcasm and cynicism as I’m enjoying that too!

Dr Stone Episode 20 Gen

Would you like some more?

It was a few episodes ago now that I decided this was my series of the year and even with last week’s blip, that remained and this episode showed why I was right to stand firm in my belief. They are doing an incredibly good job of making the science relatable and dare I say it, it’s easy to learn from. More shows like this and Are You Lost? or How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? can only be a good thing. I never thought I’d say it, but I want more educational anime. These have been some of my favourite shows as of late.

Dr Stone Episode 20 Senku Hydro Electricity

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