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Magma uses a moment of doubt from Kinro to take him out of the competition. Then Mantel forfeits his match against Chrome, meaning that Kohaku is disqualified and Senku progresses. Things aren’t going to plan!

What did you watch?

So, this series is absolutely flying right now. I can’t really explain just how much I am loving it, but I will try. This is episode 14 of Dr. Stone and last week we ended with a fairly epic moment as Kinro knocked Magma down. Will he stay down? Well, I guess we are about to find out. So, let’s do just that. Get ready for spoilers, trickery and some bending of rules… Rules are rules!

Dr Stone Episode 14 Riri Watching

What happened?

Magma appeared to be beaten, but that didn’t stop him from questioning Kinro’s use of the mask. Kinro being Kinro, he went to the referee for confirmation as to whether he should be disqualified. The referee ruled that it was clothing and it wasn’t thrown at Magma so he was fine to continue… That was the point that Magma hit Kinro with a sucker punch, defeating him and moving on to the next round. Next up with Chrome and Mantel. Senku told Chome to make the fight last so that Kohaku could make it back in time, but Magma order Mantel to forfeit. Kohaku was out and Senku Progressed.

Next up, a caffeine powered Ginro fought against some random guy from the village. Ginro felt incredible, and although he looked a little different, his unnatural confidence was enough to put off his opponent. Ginro progressed to the next round too. Now, it was time for Chrome to go up against Magma and with Ginro their only real hope, he planned on wearing Magma down. Well, it would appear that Magma didn’t get the memo!

Dr Stone Episode 14 Magma Versus Chrome

What did you think?

I just can’t get enough of Dr. Stone right now. Every episode feels too short and I am constantly annoyed at the beginning of the ED. It is a great mix of action and comedy, but the science and the characters are the real stars of the show. Chrome didn’t stand a chance against Magma and he knew it, but he was willing to do whatever it took to stop Magma from becoming the chief. The feel-good moments in this show just leave you smiling long after it’s finished.

Dr Stone Episode 14 Senku Taunting Magma

What was your favourite moment?

Chrome’s fight with Magma was one of those moments and even though you saw it coming with the steady progress, it all slotted together into this perfect moment. Magma was enjoying beating on Chrome. He planned on doing so until Riri made him stop. This guy is not fit to run a village and I think everyone knows it. Chrome, however, saw his chance. He hunched over the remains of Suika’s mask and then jumped up, pointing the lens at Magma. Senku knew what he was trying, but warned Chrome that he needed a convex lens to do that.

But Senku forgot one thing. Chrome is also a science user and had gathered his own sweat and tears into the lens, making it convex. Gen reappeared, revealing that he had been watching as he is still waiting for his cola. He asked Senku how long Chrome would need to start the fire. Following some incredible mental arthimatics from Senku, he revealed that Chrome needed sixty seconds. Gen saw his chance to bewitch Magma. Magma tried to call it cheating, but Senku responded that it was only cheating if it was true, challenging Magma to take a step and see if his heart exploded. Magma decided to wait until Gen’s “magic” had worn off, but it was enough time for Chrome to start a fire and then knock Magma out of the ring!

What was your least favourite moment?

Just stop it! This series is incredible and I will not be drawn into this unnecessary section.

Who was your favourite character?

It can only be Chrome. He stepped up and pulled an incredible win out of almost certain defeat. Sure, he was aided by the group, but that is what makes the win that much better. Chrome isn’t over-powered or much of a threat alone, but if you put all the right ingredients together you get this special outcome. It was like a science experiment with characters and situations. I made a joke comment on Karandi’s post last week about Senku and Chrome being in the final and now it looks to be coming true. I can’t wait to see it.

Dr Stone Episode 14 Chrome

Who was your least favourite character?

Part of me wants to point the finger at Kinro for falling for Magma’s tricks, but then Kinro is Kinro and he’s too stoic and moral. Plus, had he not done that we wouldn’t have got that epic moment with Chrome. So, instead, it’s going to be Magma. This guy is dirty and despicable and even once the tournament is over, I can’t see him going away and playing nice. He is going to be a problem no matter what.

Dr Stone Episode 14 Magma Defeats Kinro

Would you like some more?

Last week I said this “I’m actually a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Chrome fight Magma.” So, now I need to make another prediction. I can’t wait to see Chrome and Senku in the final as I think it will turn into a farce, not to mention Senku versus Ginro. This tournament isn’t over, even if all of the remaining contestants are from the Nation of Science. This series is great and it’s been like a different show since Tsukasa fell away. I enjoyed the earlier episodes, but since then it’s been on another level. Bring me more!

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