Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious (Episode 7) – This Lady Knight Is Too Doglike

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Back from the Dragon’s Den, Seiya and his party are asked to help save a castle that is under attack from a demon lord army of giant flies, led by Beel Bub. They agree and soon come to disagree with the ruling knight!

What happened?

Seiya flew with Mash, while Ristarte carried Elulu, but they arrived too late to make a difference as the commander, Rosalie charged her men forward. Beel Bub ordered his flies to pick up the knights and drop them like reverse fireworks. It was a brutally effective attack and the speed of the flies made it almost impossible for anyone to dodge or hit them. Seiya revealed himself once Beel Bub had flown back to his base. Rosalie demanded they launch an instant attack while Seiya refused, saying they needed to form a plan. Reluctantly, Rosalie took her soldiers back to her castle to regroup. Once there, Seiya dropped some serious truths that Rosalie was not happy about hearing and she attempted to attack him! It didn’t go well… Seiya and his party returned to the Divine Realm for some more training, saying that would be back in one hour.

Cautious Hero Episode 7 Ristarte Can't Believe it

What was your favourite element?

Once again, Seiya was excellent. It was interesting to see just how annoyed he got at Rosalie for her lack of planning. He was right to call her on it and the deaths of her men were her fault alone. Even after they had been so seriously beaten, she was determined to march them straight back in there. Of course, Seiya told her exactly what he thought and she tried to hit him. Seiya dodged and hit her back, again and again. It was brutal and funny. Then, once they had returned to the Divine Realm, Adenela caught up with Seiya, furious with how he treated her before, but he straightened her hair and rubbed her head and all was forgotten. It was hilarious to see how quickly she turned back to adoring him.

Cautious Hero Episode 7 Adenela Wants Revenge

What have you learnt?

I’ve learnt that a lot of people are quite upset about Seiya hitting Rosalie… Really? This is frankly ridiculous. She is the second most powerful character in Gaelbarde, but she is a terrible leader and couldn’t take any criticism. So much so that she attacked Seiya. Maybe, hitting her repeatedly was over the top, but she kept attacking him, further proving how bad she is at making decisions. I feel like I should point out that I am not advocating hitting women, frankly, there’s no real reason to hit anyone but to attack Seiya for what happened in this episode is absurd.

Cautious Hero Episode 7 Rosalie gets Slapped

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