Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious (Episode 6) – The Great Dragon Mother is Too Sneaky

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Elulu must die to save the world from the demon lord. In sacrificing herself, she will become the legendary sword Igzasion, but how can a sword carry bags? Seiya is not about to give up one of his two favourite baggage carriers!

What happened?

The dragon mother, Leviae explained that the demon lord now controlled seventy percent of Gaelbarde and if they were to have any hopes of defeating him, they needed the legendary sword Igzasion which can only be found if a dragonkin girl sacrifices herself to the abyss. Elulu was that girl. Seiya said that what needed to be done was obvious, but Elulu wasn’t sure. Leviae threw a feast to celebrate the occasion and when Elulu decided she didn’t want to die, Mash and Ristarte tried to stop it, but oddly couldn’t move. Leviae revealed that she knew they would try something so she laced their food. Seiya, however, was unaffected because he thought that she would do that and threw up all the food. Leviae tried to force Elulu into the abyss, but Seiya fought her head-on, driving her back into the abyss.

Cautious Hero Episode 6 Ristarte Drugged

What was your favourite element?

It’s hard to overlook Seiya’s cautious approach to everything and how his suspicions keep proving to be warranted. I also loved how he told them all what needed to happen, but as usual, no one understood exactly what he meant. Of course, a sword cannot carry a bag and Elulu was a baggage carrier. He obviously has a softer side but is either uncomfortable showing it or that is how he shows it. Either way, it’s hilarious. I also loved how he confronted the dragonkin and declared it a win-win after Leviae fell into the abyss and the sword Igzasion appeared. Of course, it wasn’t Igzasion but they weren’t to know that.

Cautious Hero Episode 6 Seiya versus Leviae Dragon Form

What have you learnt?

I loved that they’ve set this up to make it so that Seiya had to make a choice between the weapon that would kill the demon lord or a party member. It reminds me of the sacrifice in the forgotten Disney movie The Black Cauldron. I’m still not sure why Disney has chosen to bury this one as it’s one of my favourites. Anyhow, oftentimes on a heroes quest there is the need for sacrifice in one form or another and ironically, there was a sacrifice in this episode, but not in the usual sense. Seiya sacrificed the weapon. It will undoubtedly make his quest harder as a result, but it’s hard to argue against the decision.

Cautious Hero Episode 6 Seiya with Two Dragon Killer Swords

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