Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious (Episode 3) – This Hero is Too Self-Serving

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In an attempt to increase his stats faster, Seiya agrees to train with a god. Ristarte manages to convince Cerceus, the Divine Blade God to take him on as a student, but soon Ristarte notices that Cerceus isn’t acting like himself!

What happened?

As Seiya isn’t willing to share how his training is going, Ristarte has taken to seeking out Cerceus on his lunch break, but as the days go by, Cerceus starts to change. Then, by the fourth day of training, she finds him hiding behind some drying seaweed. When she asks him what he’s doing, Seiya shows up and demands he gets back to training. In their short time together, Seiya has surpassed the god and has even broken his spirit. Back on Gaelbarde following the death of Chaos Machina, the Demon Lord has sent Deathmagla, another of the Four Heavenly Kings to destroy the town of Seimul with an undead army. Seiya and Ristarte return to the world to stop him.

Cautious Hero Episode 3 Cerceus training Seiya

What was your favourite element?

Once more, Seiya’s level of caution was the highlight for me. When they entered the church and he proceeded to pour the holy water onto the priest, I had to laugh, but he was right. The priest was undead. This is the way I see this series going where Seiya’s continued caution proves to be right, time and time again. However, he then poured holy water on Mash, Elulu and even Ristarte, because she could have become undead when he wasn’t looking… hahaha! Then, to pour it on the unconscious nun was the funniest thing yet. Seiya is brutal, but this series is just too funny.

Cautious Hero Episode 3 Seiya pours Holy Water on Ristarte

What have you learnt?

So, I’m going to look at Seiya’s caution here and how that could be used. Well, not that exactly, but something similar. It’s possible to have someone being paranoid about something, maybe they’re just scared of something specific. You can have them going on and on about it, but keep it as pointless and irrelevant chatter. Then, when something happens to justify their concerns it will have a much larger impact. This series seems to take this idea to its ultimate form and so far, it’s working.

Cautious Hero Episode 3 Cerceus hiding from Seiya

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