Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious (Episode 2) – Too Much For a Novice Goddess to Bear

Cautious Hero Title

The sudden appearance of Chaos Machina forces Seiya and Ristarte to flee to the Divine Realm. Only Chaos Machina has a plan to force them to come back, but not before Seiya’s put in some more training!

What happened?

Back in the Divine Ristarte tries to come up with a plan to go back, but Seiya refuses. Back in Gaelbarde, Chaos Machina has gone into the town and is threatening to kill one person every ten minutes until the hero comes back and fights her. However, with ten minutes on Gaelbarde being the equivalent of sixteen hours in the Divine Realm, he has plenty of time to get some more training in. Apparently, you can never be too prepared. Once Seiya is perfectly prepared, they head back to Gaelbarde and attack Chaos Machina. She is upset to see that Seiya’s stats have increased beyond hers, so she transforms into a Greater Demon to kill him. Seiya, however, has been using a skill that hides his true stats, even from Ristarte.

Cautious Hero Episode 2 Ristarte Can't Take it

What was your favourite element?

Come on, Seiya is hilarious. Not only has he been hiding his true stats from Chaos Machina, but also from Ristarte, because he is worried that if something were to get into her brain, the enemy would know his secret. His level of planning and consideration of the possibilities is insane and I love it. Even better was his unwavering determination to make sure that Chaos Machina cannot return by blasting her remains into a charred mess of ash, even at the expense of the town. He’s nuts, but I’m loving it.

Cautious Hero Episode 2 Seiya Versus Chaos Machina Greater Demon Form

What have you learnt?

I thought the use of varying times was awesome. It was one of the things that really caught my attention when I watched Interstellar with the planet close to the black hole. That’s definitely something I have used in my series, but with an alternate realm like this one although, in my series, it was in inside someone’s mind. It’s definitely a great way to advance the characters without having the story barrel on before they’re ready. There needs to be a limitation to it though, otherwise, they’d stay there forever.

Cautious Hero Episode 2 Chaos Machina

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