Zombie Land Saga – First Impressions (Episodes 1-4)

What’s it about? Sakura was a high school student and aspiring pop idol until one morning when she was hit by a truck on the way to school. Now, she is a zombie and aspiring pop idol! A group of legendary performers and Sakura have been brought back from the dead to form a new pop idol group and save the struggling district of Saga.

What are your first impressions? I went into this fully expecting the worst. Being a huge zombie fan, I wasn’t entirely sure how a zombie teen pop group was going to sit with me, but the opening scene where Sakura was killed was insane and felt like a nod to the opening of the movie Zombieland. Good start. Then Sakura woke in a strange house surrounded by zombies, which was also entertaining. But then the producer arrived and started screaming at everyone!

Favourite character so far? At this stage, almost all of the girls are shy and reserved with the exception of one, Saki. She also punched the produced which gets a big thumbs up. That guy is annoying as hell. Saki was also a biker gang leader in her former life so that seems to give her more of an edge than the other girls.

Who/what do you want to see more of? I added a ‘what’ to this section as there isn’t really any character I want to see more of, but rather a situation. I’m enjoying the comedy elements when their ‘zombieness’ is revealed. That seems to produce some good moments, for example when Sakura accidentally knocked her head off in the hot springs. Also more death metal idols.

Are you going to continue watching? This series has raised enough questions that I want to see how it goes. Currently, it’s sitting in the mid-tier in terms of my priorities. There are zombies after all, even if they do sing and dance… Zombie Land Saga is obviously making fun of mass produce pop idols, which is something I can get on board with.

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