World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman – Season One

The Akane Academy is a school for students with the reincarnated souls of legendary warriors. Memories from their previous lives allow the students to tap into one of two ancient powers, Shirogane for attack and Kuroma for defence.

Moroha is unlike any of the other students. He is the third incarnation of a single soul. In his first incarnation, he mastered Shirogane and in the second Kuroma. As the memories of the two previous lives materialise he realises he is able to utilise both powers.

But having had two previous lives comes with twice the baggage. The reincarnated souls of both his previous lovers are also at the school and they both remember everything…

So, yes this is probably another harem style anime. The way the harem is constructed, however, is a new and interesting method. I like the way the two previous lives lovers are both drawn towards Moroha and the obvious entertaining conflict.

There’s nothing else particularly new in this series. It is entertaining nonetheless. At first, I was utterly frustrated with the absurd accents for the British characters, but then when they started using words incorrectly, but in very funny ways I let it slide. Never have a witnessed an anime use the word ‘wanker’ so often and as a replacement for ‘mate’.

Ultimately, it was fun if uninspiring, which frankly is perfect every now and then. Sometimes, you just want to stare at the screen and enjoy yourself without having to decode everything. This series is ideal for that.

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