Witchblade – Season One

Six years after the great quake that destroyed Toyko and stole Masane’s memories, she returns with her daughter Rihoko in an attempt to start fresh.

A series of mysterious murders plague the city, the victims random and the deaths grotesque. When Masane becomes the target, her mysterious bracelet unleashes the Witchblade, a demonic power that endows the bearer with unlimited power.

In order to protect her daughter, Masane agrees to work for a Douji Group Industries to help them get their malfunctioning bioweapons under control. She will soon learn that there are others that seek the Witchblade, but she’s not going to give it up without a fight.

I first started watching this series several years ago and wasn’t able to finish it. At the time I put it down to moving countries. This time around I did finish it, but it took five months. The first half of the season is fast and explosive, but the middle slows down to almost unbearable speeds.

The story is focused more on Masane and Rihoko as they try to build a life for themselves. It is a touching story and really gives the series a great ending, but the Witchblade kind of falls into the background for several episodes.

For the last four or five episodes, the pace really picks up as the stakes grow to epic proportions. The action is fun but often too short with lots of standing around talking about fighting before anything actually happens. It is a good series, but it could have been much shorter and still delivered the same effect.

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