Violet Evergarden – Season One

The war is over and a new time of peace spreads across the continent. Violet, an orphan trained to be a living weapon, has survived, but she lost both of her arms and her commander, Major Bougainvillea.

Without orders, she struggles to come to terms with her new life. The Major’s longtime friend takes Violet in and gives her a job in his mail company. Desperate to understand the Major’s final words, she becomes an Auto Memory Doll.

Auto Memory Dolls are contracted to help people write letters, extracting the true meaning behind their feelings and giving it life on the paper. In her new role, Violet travels around the continent assisting a variety of clients as she tries to rebuild her life.

I went into this series cold. Other than a single image that I thought looked cool, I knew nothing about Violet Evergarden. On reflection, had I known I may not have watched it. It’s certainly not my usual show. That said, I am so glad I did watch it. This series is nothing short of magical.

One of my favourite things about anime is the diversity of the shows. You can find anything you want and because it has the familiarity you expect with anime a science fiction and fantasy fan can end up watching what was essentially a period drama… and loving it.

Each episode is excellent. There really was no downside to Violet Evergarden. With all of the heart of a Studio Ghibli film, it repeatedly tugs at your emotions while covering an incredible variety of subjects. Violet is a double amputee, a war veteran with PTSD, and a former child soldier stripped of emotion and free will.

Watching her completing her assignments and growing as a person is a wonder to watch, but it’s not easy. You see the hardships she faces from a society that sees her as a weapon or the killer that she sees in herself. This is such a well-written show, that if it had been a live action western series it would have won tons of awards. Just stunning.

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