Vampire Hunter D

What did you watch and why? This was selected by Jon as a part of the Otaku on Writing podcast where we analyze classic anime to inspire original fiction. Also, I loved this movie when I was younger, and if Jon hadn’t selected it, I would have done with my next pick.

One line pitch! Wandering vampire hunter wins big contract to protect farmgirl from a vampire noble…

What’s it really about? Set in the distant future where humanity competes with vampires and other creatures of the night. A vampire noble selects a human girl to be his next bride. Desperate to avoid the fate she hires a vampire hunter to kill the ancient and powerful noble.

What hooked you? So, there’s a great mix of future technology and ancient lifestyles. The world in which Vampire Hunter D takes place is vast and interesting, even if most of it is not expanded upon. All these little touches make the movie really engaging, despite the straightforward story. Plus, D has got to be one of the coolest characters ever.

What was your favourite scene? There were several great scenes, usually with lots of action, although I’m going to select the opening scene as my favourite one. It does such a good job of throwing you into the world. There are lightning and spooky music, a strange creature and futuristic weapons. Then a werewolf bites her cyborg horse and finally, the vampire appears.

What was your least favourite scene? Not exactly my least favourite scene, although the final battle between D and the vampire noble was a little bit of a letdown. I was expecting much more.

Who was your favourite character? It can only be D. He is a badass ronin samurai, vampire hunter. There’s nothing more to say.

Who was your least favourite character? That would be Greco, the meddling son of the town sheriff. He’s basically a crapper version of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

Which character that needs more screen time? Can I say D? I don’t really care who he’s up against, just give him more demons to fight… all right, fine. Other than D, it would be nice to see more of the parasite living in his hand. So, basically more D.

What was your favourite quote? I love this one. It really stuck with me.

My grandfather told me that there are two types of men
that don’t have much to say. Men who are too busy planning
something bad to have time to say much, and good men who
think actions speak louder than words and only talk when
they have something worth saying.

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? The recent Castlevania anime shares a lot in common with Vampire Hunter D. Both are dark and gothic, they have a love story buried within, and very strong vampires.

Would you like another season? There is Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust which takes place sometime after this one. At one point, there was even a rumour about a series, but nothing has come of that. If there was, I would definitely watch it.

What elements of the story will you use as inspiration for a short story? Ironically, I have a vampire series that I am working on. So far, I have released 8 Valiant Lineage novellas with another short story coming out soon as a part of Bloodline: Otaku Stories Six. I have a vampire hunter and vampires swarms, there are even different levels of vampires. My big change is that my damsel in distress is anything but in distress.

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