Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid – Season One

When Mamori was diagnosed with a rare virus, government agents captured her and took her to Mermaid Island, a remote quarantine facility. She has the A virus, a mysterious virus that only infects females.

There are two strains, Extars and Liberators. Extars transforms into powerful weapons when sexually aroused although only Liberators are able to wield the Extar weapons.

Soon after arriving on the island, Mamori meets Mirei, a tall, powerful but silent girl. Together they form an unstoppable team and threaten to unravel the secrets of Mermaid Island and the A Virus.

So, let’s just throw a quick warning out there to all those afraid of boobs and nipples. If that is the case, then this anime is best left alone, because of… well… boobs and nipples. You have been warned.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this series other than the aforementioned warning, but I actually quite enjoyed it. The battles were a lot of fun. There were girls turning into giant swords or massive guns. One girl even turned into a giant girl.

The relationship between Mamori and Mirei was sweet and they complimented each other nicely. There are a lot of wacky characters that do equally wacky things. Basically, I was just a lot of fun.

There is a storyline linked to Mirei’s past that makes things more interesting. Not to mention the governor, the only male infected with the A Virus.

Now, this obviously isn’t going to be for everyone. I grew up in Europe where topless women appeared in the daily newspapers so whatever. Nudity is not an issue for me, so it doesn’t disrupt the story. If it’s an issue for you, probably best to give this a miss, but it is a lot of fun if a little silly from time to time.

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