Unboxing: The Otaku Box (December 2018)

What’s this now? I don’t normally go in for things like this, but I got a pretty good Black Friday deal so here we are. The Otaku Box is a monthly anime crate full of authentic loot from Japan. You get to vote on the contents which is cool. On top of that, there is also a mystery figurine that in my opinion is probably worth more than the Otaku Box at full price.

Now, I’m not a salesman and I don’t have any affiliation, so I’m not going to talk about the price. I do have a code that will get you $10 off if it’s something you want to look into – The Otaku Box. It’s also worth noting that it is monthly, but you can stop anytime.

So, this is the box. Nice, eh! I know, you didn’t come here to see a box, so let’s dig inside.

First up we have the voting. I forget who this was up against, but whatever. This is a plain black t-shirt with a picture of Mio Naruse from Testament of a New Sister Devil on. It’s very nice, although I’m not sure when I’m going to be able to wear it. I’m sure, I’ll find a moment when I’m home alone and no one is going to judge me…

Next up, we have a fabric poster with the same image, although this time it has some background. Again, not sure where I’m going to put this yet, but it is also very nice. Looks like I may need to buy an iron though…

The next item was a bit of a surprise and it’s something I’ve already used, so that’s nice. It’s a My Hero Academia micro-fleece scarf and it’s very warm. I even went out in minus twenty Celsius and it held up. This one’s already a winner.

After that, there were several smaller items to fill the gaps in the box. Up first is a pair of High School DxD silicon bracelets that are too small for my wrists, but I was never going to wear them anyhow. After that we have a Fate Series badge (or button if you’re reading this in the US) of Jean D’Arc in a swimsuit. The last of the smaller items is a pack of eight Sword Art Online books marks, which I have already inserted into my current books, replacing bits of paper and store cards that had previously been holding my positions.

All right, now to the main event. I had no idea what to expect from the figurine, so when this appeared I was pleasantly surprised. It is Rem from Re:Zero in a French Maid’s outfit. Now, I’ve not seen Re:Zero, so that’s probably something I need to remedy, but I am very pleased with this figure and a quick glance on Amazon confirms the value of the box far exceeded the price I paid.

Well, there you have it. All of that was in that little box. So, if you want to signup and join me in the excitement of finding out what’s next, then use this link and you’ll get $10 off the price, which makes it even better value.

The Otaku Box

I can’t wait to see what’s in the next one. Thanks for reading.


  1. That’s awesome!
    I’d love a Rem figurine, she’s 100% the best girl in Re:Zero.

    • I was really surprised with how big it was. Not at all what I was expecting. The next box was shipped the other day, so I can’t wait to see what’s in the next one.

    • Oh very interesting. I’ve never actually bought a figurine before, so I wouldn’t really know how big they are either.

    • I haven’t either. It’s 23 cm tall and was expecting maybe half that. I don’t know why, that’s just what I had in my head.

  2. How DARE they put….that show in your box.

    • I knew that would upset you… I’ve not worn the shirt yet either…

    • Gave me a laugh this morning though.

    • Glad I could help. You’ve got to admit Rem’s pretty cool though. Not one I would have picked myself, but surprised at how good it was.

    • Rem is one of the best chars of the last few years, I got a character dive on her coming sometim this year

    • I’ll look forward to it. Hopefully, I’ll have watched it by then too.

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