The Seven Deadly Sins – Signs of Holy War

Netflix pulled me back to Britannia with what I thought was season two. I was excited to get back into things, expecting deadlier demons and more evil Holy Knights with insane special abilities. Alas, it was not to be.

Signs of Holy War is not season two. Admittedly, Netflix didn’t say it was. It was my fault. I jumped to a conclusion and now I live with the repercussions of that decision, but I still love Netflix. All that said, it is a four-part mini-series set between season one and season two. So, more Meliodas and his lecherous ways. More Sins.

This mini-series takes the time to address a number of the smaller things that season one didn’t close off. There is a challenge where whichever of the Sins can catch Hawk (the talking pig, keep up) will be able to command him to do one thing. Whatever they want. Everyone is quick to take part, all with their own reasons.

Episode two sees Meliodas and Ban finally look to settle their differences in what turns into an epic battle. They had their issues through season one which culminated in a demon offering to return Ban’s love if he kills Meliodas.

In episode three we follow Diane as she enters the city and sees the people rebuilding following the war that consumed the end of season one. The reaction from the town’s folk catches her off-guard. King follows Diane into the city, still unable to confess his love for her.

Merlin agrees to be a waitress in Meliodas’ tavern in episode four. She’s even willing to wear the uniform (which is apparently a big deal despite Merlin’s regular clothing being far more revealing). Meliodas just has to do something for her. He agrees. Meliodas takes Gowther and heads into town. They soon split up and complete their own adventures. Later Merlin reveals the likely opponents for season two.

This was a nice way to close off some of the subplots and set up things for the future. It allowed season one to finish at an appropriate point without dragging out the ending. I would have preferred it if they had found a way to weave them into the regular season, but it was nice to dip back into Britannia if only for four episodes.


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