The Seven Deadly Sins (Season One)

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Britannia has fallen to the Holy Knights, the very organisation tasked with protecting the kingdom. The King has been removed from power, but all hope is not lost. His daughter, Elizabeth has escaped the city and is searching for a notorious group of outlaws known as the Seven Deadly Sins.

She finds the leader, Meliodas running a bar. He saves her from a Holy Knight and agrees to put the Seven Deadly Sins back together to help her regain control of the kingdom, not least because he’s a bit of a perv…

Seven Deadly Sins Season One Meliodas and Elizabeth

Meliodas takes Elizabeth on a quest to find his former companions. Together they find the other members of the group one by one and convince them to join up with them. Doing it this way makes it easy to learn the new characters, their abilities, and backstories without being overloaded. It felt natural and well-paced.

To further add to the quest, each of the characters has a magical item that increases their strength, but of course, most have lost them. So, now we need to find magical items too. As the story unfolds we also find out what really happened to turn this former group of Holy Knights into wanted outlaws.

Seven Deadly Sins Season One King and Ban

The relationships between each of the Seven Deadly Sins was fascinating. There was a lot of love/hate relationships, several love triangles, and some flat-out loathing. All of this just made them more compelling.

On top of all of this, there are some excellent fights and lots of laughs. The Holy Knights seem to get stronger and stronger as they desperately try to stop the Seven Deadly Sins from saving the King and restoring the kingdom.

This anime flows beautifully and is a lot of fun. None of it feels like filler. The characters all have their own flaws, or sins, which makes them varied and interesting. All in, this is a very entertaining series. I can’t wait for the next season.

Seven Deadly Sins Season One Boar Hat Inn

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