The Promised Neverland (Episode 2)

Life at the orphanage will never be the same again. Can the children find a way to escape or will they be left to face the same fate as those before them?

What did you watch? When the first episode aired, I tried to wait for four to be available, but quickly realised that it wouldn’t be possible if I was to avoid spoilers. I’m not making that mistake again, so I watched episode two shortly after it went live.

Also, I believe that this should take us past the preview of this post, so let’s get down to business. From here on, I’m assuming you’ve seen episode one, so there will be spoilers.

What happened? The morning after Conny left the orphanage, Emma and Norman attempted to maintain appearances. They are sure that Mother will have found the bunny they left beneath the truck, but can’t be sure she knows it was them or that they saw anything.

Emma and Norman walk the forests trying to come up with a plan to escape that will leave no child behind. They venture beyond the fence, deciding that the gatehouse is too risky. Beyond the trees, they discover a giant concrete wall. It’s tall, thick, and stretches as far as the eye can see. It’s going to be almost impossible to scale.

With playtime over they return to the house only for one of the children to have gone missing. Mother pulls out her pocket watch and examines it before going and finding the missing child. It’s not a pocket watch and revealing that wasn’t an accident.

Later that night, Mother confronts Emma, asking her if she went to the gatehouse. She lies, putting on a convincing act before the bell for dinner goes, freeing her from Mother’s questions. At night they break into a storage closet and steal bed-sheets to make a rope.

The next day, they hide the bed-sheets near the wall and discuss bringing Ray in on their plan, but he has already heard enough and steps out of the trees to their shock. He tries to reason with them that it’ll be hard enough for just the three of them to escape, let alone everyone else. Reluctantly, he agrees to help them save everyone.

Back at the house, a new little sister has come to the orphanage and a new carer joins Mother to help her watch over the children…

What hooked you? After the last episode, there was no way I wasn’t going to watch this. In this episode, things are much slower and more subtle. Obviously, with the big reveal at the end of episode one it would be hard and a little draining to keep that pace up. It became a game of cat and mouse between Emma and Norman and Mother.

They knew all about her, at least they think they do, but they don’t know what she knows. Norman assumes that she will not know that it was them, but he’s pretty sure she’ll know that someone was there. He also claims to have checked the house for surveillance equipment, which is a bold claim since they likely have trackers embedded in their bodies.

My money is on Mother knowing it was them. We believe that she has a tracking device, so when she found the bunny it’s safe to assume that would have been the first thing she would have checked. The toughest thing the children face is that Mother knows them. She knows their habits, how they think and react. They made that clear when she glanced at the tree where Ray normally sits at to read.

What was your favourite thing? That will be Mother casually checking her tracking device… I mean pocket watch. They made out that it was a show to whoever it was that went to the gatehouse, but as I said, I think she knows and that was her way of saying it. Why else would she corner Emma when she was alone to question her?

Sure, Emma was acting off in the morning, another sign that Mother picked up on. It’s going to be really hard for them to hide anything from her. She’s been with them for most of their lives. I had an aquarium and it didn’t take long before I knew where all my fish would be. Mother is pure evil and appears to be toying with them.

What was your least favourite thing? It‘s something that’s been playing on my mind since the first episode, and thankfully Ray finally brought it up. Given the circumstances, escaping is the only option I’d consider, but he’s right to address the possibility that things might not be any better beyond the wall.

The ‘demons’ collecting Conny made references that made me thing they were the equivalent of working-class demons. That of course means there is some sort of tiered system which in turn implies some sort of society. Also, given the scale of the farm, it’s hard to believe that it could exist like that in a human ran world.

Another thing I’m not looking forward to is what if when they tell the others they either don’t believe them or equally don’t want to leave. Their life as is right now is pleasant. You could say they have it good. Sure, it’s not going to end well, but people sometimes make funny choices.

Who was your favourite character? We’ve not seen too much of Ray yet, but I think he’s far more aware of things than even Emma or Norman think. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he’s been making plans for some time now. He’s always nearby, watching, running interference, and ready to act.

Who was your least favourite character? The hardest thing with the situation now is that trust has been shattered. Their entire lives have been lies and the person they looked up to has been a lie. I’m already suffering from this lack of trust and my focus right now is on Norman.

Maybe, I’m being paranoid, but something doesn’t quite add up. He seems all to calm and considered. It’s possible that he allayed Emma’s fears of monitoring devices, because he doesn’t want her looking for them. I’m probably way off, but I’ve got an eye on you, Norman!

Are you ready for more? Absolutely, this show raises tons of questions and I can’t wait to find out the answers. There are so many little details and clues to look for that my theory generator is whirring away like it’s possessed.

One thing that I noticed in episode one was the flower sticking out of her chest. I can’t help but think that this is significant, but to what end? You’ll also notice that all of the outside images were much darker and drerier than the last episode.

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  1. It was another very solid episode and I love how they are building up this story. Really looking forward to how it progresses. And I’m with you. I’m watching the episode as early as I can because this is one where I want to avoid spoilers (normally not an issue) and that’s more or less impossible once the episode airs.

    • Yeah, someone posted a who did it better manga or anime picture of the big reveal at the end of episode one on Twitter a day after it aired. I was pretty annoyed.

      When I lived in NZ we wouldn’t get Game of Thrones until the next night which meant I had to avoid the internet, radio, and TV because everyone seemed to want to spoil it for me. I inadvertently found out about the red wedding before watching it.

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