The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar – Season One

What did you watch and why? I’m a sucker for Norse mythology so the title grabbed my attention, as long as it is! Then I saw the image and there was no turning back.

One line pitch! Teenage time traveller rules ancient lands with the help of smartphone…

What’s it really about? That actually pretty much sums it up. Thanks to his smartphone and access to all of the internet, Yuuto Suoh now controls the Wolf Clan and leads their army against invaders. He’s also surrounded by a group of magic-wielding warrior maidens… tough break!

What hooked you? So, we’re thrown right into the action with little explanation as to what is going on. It quickly becomes apparent that Yuuto is using military tactics that are not of that time. I’m also a sucker for tactics and strategies.

What was your favourite scene? I can’t pin down a single favourite scene, although each of the battles with their use of more modern weaponry and tactics certainly peaked my interest.

What was your least favourite scene? I get what they were doing, showing Yuuto introducing school, but they spent way too much time dealing with a fairly trivial part of the story and there wasn’t that much to start with.

Who was your favourite character? Sigrun was my undisputed favourite character. Strong women with swords… Yes, yes, yes!

Who was your least favourite character? I actually didn’t care too much for Yuuto. It felt like he wasn’t even aware that he was in a harem anime. Yes, it was different that he had a love interest back in his own time, but it kinda took the fun out of it.

Which character that needs more screen time? Sigrun needed more time. More time, more fights, more Sigrun.

What was your favourite quote? The patriarch of the lightning clan, Steinthor had the funniest line…

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? No, I don’t think so. Sure it has the harem elements, but it’s nothing like Highschool DxD and then there’s the military and civilization building stuff. There were some interesting ideas in here, but the whole story was a bit flat and the last episode was just weird.

Would you like another season? If they made one, I probably would watch it, hoping for more battles and a bit more of an engaging story, but if they didn’t I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

What elements of the story will you use as inspiration for a short story? So, I love the idea of taking historic battles and military tactics and using them someplace else, whether that’s in the past or the future. I would also like to see a harem comedy where a group of warrior maidens are transported to modern times and make some teenagers life hell.

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