The Lady in the Lake (Valiant Lineage Book 6)

The Lady in the Lake (Valiant Lineage Book 6)

Vampires and Zombies, but at least it can’t get any worse… Can it?

Vampires swarm over the hilltops, forcing Val and Dante to take shelter in a damaged airship, precariously balanced on the edge of a lake. It is one of the Count’s but there is no sign of his soldiers, not even a single drop of blood. Following a series of surprising discoveries, they find themselves in a race against time.

The appearance of a horde of zombies turns an already desperate situation into a frantic battle to survive. With Dante still working through the events of San Francisco, Val is going to have to take control. Can they escape from the attention of two ravenous groups of the undead?

The Lady in the Lake is the sixth volume of Valiant Lineage, an action-packed dark fantasy series. Ideal for fans of non-stop action, fierce heroines, unstoppable zombie hordes, ravenous vampires, and endless bloody carnage.

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