The Druid and the Dead (Valiant Lineage Book 2)

The Druid and the Dead (Valiant Lineage Book 2)

It’s time to let off some steam…

After weeks of wandering the wilderness, Val and Dante stop at an outpost to recharge. Dante has retired to the room, but Val is taking advantage of the thermal springs. Her relaxation is short-lived and so is everyone else willing to interrupt her.

Before she even has a chance to grab a towel, the outpost is overrun with the undead. Now her survival depends on staying one step ahead of the ravenous shuffling horde. Can Val uncover the terrible secrets buried in the depths of the Outpost and make it through the night?

The Druid and the Dead is the second volume of Valiant Lineage, an action-packed dark fantasy series. Ideal for fans of non-stop action, fierce heroines, unstoppable zombie hordes, ravenous vampires, and endless bloody carnage.

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