The Devil Is a Part-Timer! – Season One

With his attempts to conquer Enta Isla, the Dark Lord Satan retreats through a dimensional portal with his demon general, Alciel. The hero, Emilia gives chase but cannot keep up with him. They escape through the portal and arrive in modern Tokyo.

Devoid of magical energy they assume human form and look to settle into their new surroundings. Satan, now going by the name Sadao Maō, takes a job at a local fast food chain MgRonalds while Alciel, not cut out for work, becomes the housekeeper.

One rainy evening while riding to work, Sadao Maō gives his umbrella to a girl before heading off. Later he sees the same girl. She has destroyed the umbrella and is ready to fight. It turns out the hero, Emilia made it through the portal after all.

After enjoying the first episode of Castlevania where Dracula featured heavily, I decided to continue that vain and jumped into a series where Satan, sorry Sadao Maō, was the lead. This is a very funny series.

It’s hilarious seeing these formally all-powerful beings forced to take up low-income jobs and try to eek out an existence. The dynamic of the characters in their new environment is brilliant and really challenges the preconceptions.

Things really start to get interesting when another of Sadao Maō’s demon generals appears and is working with a member of the church to cause all sorts of problems. Emilia sees a side of Sadao Maō that she didn’t expect and ends up crashing at his house, much to Alciel’s reluctance.

Suddenly, everything isn’t as it seems. So there is an interesting story going on in the background, which should keep you engaged. There are plenty of very funny moments throughout on top of that. Their landlady is definitely several of those moments. Well worth your time.

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