The Damsel in Distress (Valiant Lineage Book 1)


The Damsel in Distress (Valiant Lineage Book 1)

Sometimes you can’t wait for a knight in shining armour…

Val must flee her home. She doesn’t know where she’s going or why, but she trusts the mysterious warning implicitly. Getting out of town after dark, however, is much harder than it would appear. Before the night is over, Val wakes in a strange room, confused, naked, and bloody.

Wanted for the murder of an aristocrat, she will need all of her cunning and determination if she is going to convince the Royal Guard of her innocence, but when every murderer is potentially a vampire, they are not willing to take any chances.

The Damsel in Distress is the first volume of Valiant Lineage, an action-packed dark fantasy series. Ideal for fans of non-stop action, fierce heroines, unstoppable zombie hordes, ravenous vampires, and endless bloody carnage.

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