Author Journey April 2019

Got any big announcements?

Probably the biggest news this month was that one of the authors from the Black Death trilogy I’ve been working on has pulled out. It’s unfortunate, but it does mean we can get things moving again as we had been on hold for quite some time. We’ve already had several discussion on how we’re going to fill the void and have come up with a pretty dark and exciting part to add in. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we can release it into the wild.

How’s the writing going?

It’s slow, but I’m getting back into things. Obviously, Black Death is taking up the most of my time, however, I do have plans to update and post several of my Otaku on Writing stories to my website. I’ve also started looking at my Valiant Lineage series and have put together a new cover for book one. I’ve not updated anything yet as I’d like to get book nine ready for release first. Here’s the new cover and old cover side by side. Which do you prefer?

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Author Journey March 2019

Any big announcements? For a while now, I’ve been trying to break free from daily blog posts. It sounds easy, right? I just don’t post anything, but then I would look at the past four months of consecutive posts and I’d find myself posting again. It really is addictive!

Well, I did it. I broke free. Admittedly, it was because I went on a family vacation to Florida, spent a lot of time at Disney World, admiring all the families with matching t-shirts and the fathers with the ‘Most Expensive Day’ slogans on theirs. We all had a lot of fun and were thoroughly exhausted when we got back.

Anyhow, as a result, there were eleven days with no posts. I did keep up with my episode reviews of The Promised Neverland because that show was excellent, so there weren’t eleven consecutive days. I do feel surprisingly relieved now that I’ve managed to stop. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find more time for writing and editing my stories which have been shamefully neglected for a while now.

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Author Journey February 2019

Any big announcements? I couldn’t do it! I said last month that I was going to not publish a blog post every day, but I just couldn’t do it. That means that it’s now been one-hundred and twenty-three days of consecutive blog posts.

Considering that when I started blogging here, I was posting once a week. Ever since I completed the 30 Day Anime Challenge back in November, I haven’t been able to stop. Hopefully, someone has enjoyed them and it’s all been worth it… hopefully…

How’s the writing going? I have been focused on editing rather than writing, with most of that time going on the Black Death trilogy. That’s coming along nicely and the more I re-read it, the more excited I am to get this published. There’s also the possibility that we will post the entire first book online for a limited period. There are three authors involved and we each have a storyline that’s twenty chapters long. We will each post a chapter a day to our websites. I’ll be sure to make an announcement closer to the time, so keep your eyes open.

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A Real Neat Threepeat!

Catching up on some tag posts and this seems like a great place to start. Thanks for the nomination Amelia, I do enjoy completing these posts and it’s always great to be thought of.

This is my third Real Neat Blog Award and that means I have another great set of questions to answer. So, thanks again, Amelia.

All right, rather than drag out the intro, let’s get on with it.

As with all good things there are some rules to follow:

  1. Display the award logo.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  3. Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 7-10 bloggers
  5. Ask them seven questions

And now for the questions:

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The Real Neat Blog Award (Goblin Edition)

This may seem like great timing since I’ve just finished watching Goblin Slayer!, however, I actually received this nomination back at the end of November… I know, I should have got to it sooner, but you know how it is. Anyhow, I’d like to apologize to Lina for taking so long to complete this one and say a massive thanks for the nomination.

Rules, there will always be rules. Thus, here they come:

  1. Display the award logo.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  3. Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 7-10 bloggers
  5. Ask them seven questions

I just need to get into the right frame of mind. All right! Now, let’s get on with the questions.

1. What’s your stance on killing goblins?

If only there was an easy answer to this. I guess for the most part it depends on the goblin. Recently, I’ve seen several series with goblins in and each has a slightly different take on them.

In Overlord the goblins are the protectors of Carne Village. They don’t appear to be evil as they answer to Enri, but maybe that’s just because of who she is. They certainly don’t have any qualms taking care of the invaders. I feel like I’d need to keep one eye on these goblins.

In That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime the goblins are kind and gentle. They seem to be focused on surviving and maintaining a quiet and peaceful life. Again, maybe that’s Rimuru’s influence. I would be happy to hang out with these goblins.

In Goblin Slayer! things are very different. These goblins are dirty, disgusting, and dangerous. Often seen as a sub class of monster, they more than make up for it with their wicked ways. Nothing is off the table when these little bastards are fighting. Everyone got upset about the first episode, but what about using people as bait to draw in other adventurers or even the meat shields. With these goblins, I’d quite happily kill every last one of them.

2. What would be the best way to kill an evil goblin? (is there even good goblins?)

There may be good goblins as I said in question one, but let’s focus on the evil goblins as they’re the ones I’d be killing. Goblins might not be individually strong or smart, but they are cunning and with enough numbers can cause a real problem. It’s not enough to charge in expecting to win, you have to be prepared for them to try to trick you.

I think it’s best to fight fire with fire. A series of elaborate goblin traps, like a more sinister version of Home Alone, would be my tactic. That would obviously work best if they were attacking you, however, if they decided to stay in their cave then you’ll have to adjust your plan, setting traps around the entrances and trying to flush them out. I’m quite patient.

3. What would happen in a world where the goblins would be allowed to roam free?

I’m led to believe that they reproduce at an alarming rate, so left unchecked and with very few natural predators they would become a real nuisance. I have a hard time keeping the squirrels and raccoons out of my garbage as it is, last thing I want is the overblown goblin population fighting over the scraps too.

4. Would you like to live in a world where goblins ruled?

Well, that escalated quickly. Only a few weeks back they were knocking over my bins and running off with scraps. Now, they’re ruling the world. I guess the real question here is whether they’ve set up some sort of goblin governing body or whether this is more like a zombie apocalypse but with goblins. If it’s the second version, sign me up. I’d take a goblin apocalypse as a back up for sure.

5. Who is your favourite goblin/-slayer? (yes, you can choose; be it the favourite goblin or the slayer that kills the goblin. And I am not necessarily talking about anime mind you.)

Epic fantasy is one of my favourite genres in any medium, so it’s been a real treat to see so much of it in anime lately. He’s pretty new to the scene but I am really enjoying the Goblin Slayer. I love how stoic and silent he is. His actions remind me of D, one of my favourite vampire slayers.

6. What is you favorite anime/movie/tv-series with goblins in it?

I tend to change or add to my favourites all the time, but it’s only really recently that goblins have registered on my radar. Like most, I’ve dismissed them as nothing more than pests. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about Goblin Slayer is how realistic it feels. Nothing has been glorified, it’s a dark and dirty world where bad stuff happens. So, currently, I’m saying Goblin Slayer, especially as I’m keen to read the manga now too.

7. This was plenty of goblins I’d say; who’s your best boy/girl of all the best boys/girls in all genres. Please elaborate and show me pictures. We need pictures after all them nasty goblins.

You’re right, that was a lot of goblins. So, this may not come as much of a shock to anyone that’s been reading my posts for a while, but my number one best girl in all and any genre is Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the Dead (also my favourite anime series). So, here are a bunch of pictures celebrating Saeko!

So, that was a lot of fun. Thanks, Lina for the awesome questions. Now, I suppose I had better nominate some other bloggers and give them some questions.


I don’t mind if you don’t want to complete the tag or want to take several months to do it… it happens… but I just want to say thanks for the support and entertaining posts. Cheers

I guess you’ll be needing some questions now. I’ll try to keep this interesting.


You wake up one morning and open you’re eyes to discover that you are now in an anime. It’s still your room, but in the style of your favourite series.

Suddenly the door bursts open and someone runs in yelling about a problem. It seems pretty serious, so you decide you’ll need some help them to solve this problem. You call another anime character for help, but they can’t help right now, so they’re sending someone else in their place.

  1. Who is the anime character that just burst into your room?
  2. What is the problem?
  3. How will you deal with it?
  4. Who or what caused the problem?
  5. Who did you call for help?
  6. Who did they send in their place?
  7. What happened?

Feel free to be as creative as you like or not? Hopefully, it’s vague enough that you can answer them in any number of ways.

Thanks for reading.