Alura’s Gambit by J.P. Douglas

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Sorry, I know. You’ve been waiting two weeks. I’ll get on with it. Here is the third story from the Alteruvium Expanse. Enjoy. Continue reading “Alura’s Gambit by J.P. Douglas”

Cowboy Bebop – Season One

When a hyperspace gate accident made the Earth almost uninhabitable, humanity was forced to colonize the other planets and moons in the solar system. To aid in the pursuit of criminals, a legalized contract system was introduced.

Spike and Jet are a couple of bounty hunters looking to track down their next payday, but the criminals aren’t coming quietly. Their targets take them back and forth across the solar system, jumping from stop to stop, and invariably getting themselves into more trouble than they bargained for.

Jet takes in a genetically engineered corgi with human-like intellect against Spike’s wishes. He should have listened before long they’ve added several more strays. Faye comes and goes as she pleases, but they can’t seem to get rid of her. They actually tried to leave Edward behind, but she hacked the Bebop and flew it back to pick her up. Continue reading “Cowboy Bebop – Season One”

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet – Season One

Far into the future, humanity is fighting a never-ending war against a tentacled alien race. Ensign Ledo is part of an attack to destroy a superweapon that the aliens are about to unleash. The battle doesn’t go as planned and Ledo is flung into a wormhole.

Chamber, the battle suit AI, wakes Ledo once his wounds have healed. Six months have passed since the battle. Chamber informs Ledo that they are on the planet known as Earth. Home of humanity and widely believed to be a myth.

Chamber then reveals that a group of primitive humans found them on the bottom of the ocean and took them back to their ship. Ledo must find a way to communicate with the humans if he has any hopes of getting back to the battle. Continue reading “Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet – Season One”

Knights of Sidonia – Season Two

Sidonia is under attack once more, but they have new, more powerful Garde’s. The Gauna, however, is a big one and seems to have adapted to the upgrades. It appears to be winning until a new Gauna enters the battle but bizarrely fights for Sidonia.

The new Gauna is a hybrid created in a laboratory. Several of the citizens of Sidonia are now under the control of a former scientist who has found a way to live on and complete his experiments.

Nagate befriends the new Guana, Tsumugi. He visits her at the laboratory on a regular basis until he finds a house which he buys with Izuna, who is now transitioning from neutral to female, something that only happens once the genetically enhanced humans have chosen a mate. Continue reading “Knights of Sidonia – Season Two”

Knights of Sidonia – Season One

The colossal spaceship Sidonia drifts through space housing what might be the last remnants of humanity. Generations have existed entirely within Sidonia, enhanced by genetic manipulations that enable them to photosynthesis and live longer.

Nagate lives deep within the bowels of Sidonia. He spends his days training in a simulator, mastering the skills to pilot a Garde, a large mechanised weapon used to defend Sidonia. His food supplies have run dry and now he must leave his safe haven or starve.

He is caught stealing rice, but given his talent with a Garde the elders have him placed within the defence team. It’s not a moment too soon either as the Gauna, the shapeshifting creatures that destroyed Earth have reappeared. Continue reading “Knights of Sidonia – Season One”