One Piece (Season Seven)

The Straw-hat pirates left Skypiea by sailing over the edge and plummeting back to the blue sea. A helpful sky octopus latches on to the Going Merry and slows their descent. As the air pressure changes, the octopus struggles to remain inflated and ultimately drops them down to the sea.

They land in the middle of the heavily fortified Marine base, Navarone. There the Straw-hats split up and sneak around the base, trying to find a way to get back to the open seas. Base commander Jonathan, a devious strategist has plans to catch them and restore glory to his crew.

On a strange island where everything is long, the Straw-hat pirates encounter the Foxy pirates and agree to a Davy Back, a series of games where the winning team can steal a member of the team and add them to their crew. Continue reading “One Piece (Season Seven)”

One Piece (Season Six)

Just when things look like they’re about to settle down for the Straw hat pirates, a boat falls out of the sky and sinks into the depths below. Curious as to how that could happen they dive down to see what they can find.

One of the weird treasures they recover is a map of a place called Skypiea. They encounter pirates and salvage teams before riding a jet of water into the clouds where they discover an island with angels, demons, and gods.

The Straw hat pirates will be pushed to their limits and beyond as they come up against Eneru and his priests. Can they come to terms with this strange new land and the weird people that exist there? Continue reading “One Piece (Season Six)”

One Piece (Season Five)

Having defeated Crocodile, the Straw hat pirates are relentlessly pursued by the Marines. As they continue to dodge the Marines and have no real direction, we get to find out a little more about all of the characters.

After several episodes of character profiling, the Straw hat pirates end up on the island of goats with the mysterious Zenny. When Zenny appears to have a heart attack, Chopper tells the crew that he may only have a couple of days to live. They decide to stick around to make sure he’s comfortable.

Their next adventure takes them into the Rainbow Mist, a mysterious land that exists outside of space and time. There they must join up with a group of children who call themselves the Pumpkin pirates if they are to escape. Continue reading “One Piece (Season Five)”

One Piece (Season Four)

The Straw hat pirates finally arrive in Alabasta, Vivi’s home country. It’s been a long journey and the crew are hungry and in need of supplies. Within seconds of landing, Luffy runs off in search of food and gets himself hopelessly lost in the desert. This is a repeating occurrence in this season.

One of the seven Warlord of the Sea, Crocodile has secretly fashioned a rebellion in Alabasta and is pushing for all-out war so that he can claim the country as his own. He calls together the top agents from Baroque Works to ensure that happens.

Unable to stop the fighting from happening, the Straw hats focus on beating Crocodile, but that will be tougher than they think. That’s doesn’t mean they’re going to give up though. The entire crew will have to fight for their lives to ensure that Vivi can save her country and defeat Crocodile and Baroque Works. Continue reading “One Piece (Season Four)”

One Piece (Season Three)

The Straw hat pirates made it off Little Garden with a little help from the giants. Next stop Alabasta to put an end to the rebellion and save Vivi’s home. Well, that was the plan until Nami became sick.

They are forced to stop at a snowy island but are not initially welcomed. Vivi calms Luffy and convinces the locals to help them. There they are thrust into a battle to save Nami and the locals from their previous ruler, Wapol.

In an attempt to control his subjects, Wapol had banished all doctors from the island, except for his twenty personal MDs. It would appear that Nami may be running out of time, but a rogue doctor and her reindeer could yet be able to save her. Continue reading “One Piece (Season Three)”