Radiant (Season One)

A young sorcerer battles prejudices and ruthless Inquisitors as he seeks to find Radiant, the home of the Nemesis and change the world.

What did you watch and why? I started watching Radiant back in November of 2018. It was one of the shows I selected to watch as part of the Fall schedule. At the time, I had assumed it was just a twelve episode series, but it was twenty-one episodes, something that almost worked against it on numerous occasions.

What’s it about? Seth is a young sorcerer. He was discovered by an experience sorcerer, Alma as she defended a city from a Nemesis attack. She lost her arm in the battle, but gained a son. I’m not entirely sure she’s happy with the trade… Seth’s close contact with the Nemesis cursed him, giving him the power to use fantasia.

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Radiant (Episodes 13-16)

It’s the rumble in Rumble Town! Huh! That’s a little on the nose, don’t you think? At least they haven’t been back to Artemis yet.

What’s happened since last time? It was all going down in Rumble Town. The Captain of the Inquisition, Konrad de Marbourg has been riling the locals and pushing anti-immigrant propaganda. He gets them so worked up that they attack an district populated by immigrants, including the friends Seth and Melie made previously.

Things go from bad to worse when Konrad decides to seal the gates to the district and plans to destroy the entire area, rioting locals and all. What’s a little collateral damage in the grand scheme of things. Seth and Melie attempt to fight back. Doc is captured when he finds a nest of Nemesis in the centre of town.

Just when things look like their going well for Seth and Melie, a rogue sorcerer appears and commands an army of Nemesis to attack. It would appear she had been hired by Konrad, unaware of her past, but her attack is indiscriminate. Grim returns and helps Seth to fight back against her.

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Radiant (Episodes 9-12)

Seth and Melie convince the Doc to take a job that could potentially erase their combined debt, but it means leaving Artemis and capturing a Nemesis.

What’s happened since last time? We start this batch of episodes by spending some time with the Inquisitors, watching a new recruit ponder his choices as they float outside Artemis. They are still waiting for Seth to emerge which means maintenance of their ship and lots of waiting.

Then they chase down a Leviathan Nemesis that is heading towards a populated area. Back in Artemis, Seth and Melie enter a broom race hoping to win some money, but as usual things don’t go to plan. Next they find a job to go to Rumble Town and track down a Nemesis. Doc is against the idea until his crush overhears. Now he doesn’t have a choice.

Have your feelings changed? Surprisingly, it has. After eight episodes, I was getting increasingly frustrated with the series. Seth screams and yells a lot, but really doesn’t have much of a clue beyond being noble. That said, once they finally left Artemis and got down to some real business, it started to get interesting.

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Radiant (Episodes 5-8)

Fleeing from the Inquisitors sees Seth arrive at Artemis, a sanctuary for sorcerers, but it’s not going to be cheap!

What’s happened since last time? Seth has arrived at the floating refuge of the sorcerers. He was tricked into becoming a citizen, which has a hefty fee attached, however as he said that Doc was his guardian, Doc gets the bill, further binding their fates together.

Along with Melie, Seth runs around causing trouble and increasing his debt. He’s also searching for a sorcerer who can prepare him to find Radiant, the home of the Nemesis.

Have your feelings changed? I said that I would have dumped this after two if I wasn’t giving it a proper chance to grab me and that feeling stands. In actual fact, I think it’s got worse. Seth is an unbearable protagonist. Sure, he does things for honourable reasons but he’s just such an idiot.

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Radiant (Episodes 1-4)

Seth is determined to become a sorcerer and use his powers to protect people from the Nemesis, but the only problem is they don’t really like sorcerers!

What’s it about? It’s about a boy who wants to become King of the Pirates… no, wait. It’s about a boy who wants to become the World’s Greatest Hero. Hang on, that’s not it either. It’s about a boy who wants to become the world’s greatest sorcerer. He’s cocky and unprepared, yet has a powerful gift that makes him different from other sorcerers. He’s also on an adventure to find the Radiant, the home of the mysterious monsters that constantly attack his world.

What are your first impressions? Honestly, if I wasn’t giving every show four episodes to grab me, I wouldn’t have made it to episode two. It did slightly pick up, but none of that was due to the protagonist, Seth. Alma’s story which was revealed in episode three, at least from the moment she lost her memory, was a touching scene, but, all in, it’s not looking good.

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