30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 6: What anime recommendation have you tried this year?

What anime recommendation have you tried this year? Towards the end of last year, I opened an account with Funimation. It was primarily to rewatch Akira for my podcast. Then I got sucked into all these other shows. Fast forward to the beginning of this year. This one show kept popping up in my recommendations. It was one I knew about but had never seen, and I’d always put it off because of the number of episodes. That show is One Piece!

What made you try it? If you know me at all, you’ll know that I like a good challenge. One Piece has over 800 episodes. Now, that’s a challenge. I originally challenged myself to watch one episode a day. There have been a couple days where I’ve watched more than one, but I decided that if I’m going to watch anything else, I need to limit it to one a day.

So far, I have watched 315 episodes and on the whole, I am really enjoying the series. There are lots that I can take away as a fan and a writer. I’ll openly admit that I find the recap episodes to be incredibly frustrating. One Piece has quite a bit of filler that wasn’t in the manga, but I’m fine with that as I haven’t read past book five yet.

Obviously, this is going to be a very long challenge, but it has been good fun so far, especially interacting with the existing One Piece fans on Twitter, who seem to be getting a kick out of watching someone experience it for the first time.

Would you do a similar challenge again? Funny you say that. The final season of Fairy Tale is airing and that’s another show that I’d be interested in getting through. Sure, it’s not as long as One Piece, so maybe, I’ll just try and squeeze it in too.

Anything else you’d like to say? Don’t be afraid to try new shows. Sure, it’s great to have your favourites that you can return to time and time again, but it’s also a lot of fun venturing into new worlds and adventures, even if they’re over 800 episodes long. You can do it!

One Piece – Season Eight

After a brief encounter with a giant frog and a Sea Train, the Straw-hat pirates find their way to Water Seven, and it’s just in time. The Going Merry is crumbling around them. Luffy, Nami, and Usopp take the gold from Skypiea and trade it for cash, but walking around with that much money isn’t a good idea.

After a couple of failed attempts, the Franky Family manage to steal the money from Usopp. He’s unable to stop them and takes quite a beating. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper pay them a visit and make them pay, but the money’s already gone.

In among all the activity, Robin has disappeared. Then the mayor of Water Seven is attacked and the Straw-hats are the prime suspects, but Franky wants his revenge too. On top of that, a mega-storm called Aqua Laguna is racing towards Water Seven and threatens to put most of the city underwater. Continue reading “One Piece – Season Eight”

One Piece – Season Seven

The Straw-hat pirates left Skypiea by sailing over the edge and plummeting back to the blue sea. A helpful sky octopus latches on to the Going Merry and slows their descent. As the air pressure changes, the octopus struggles to remain inflated and ultimately drops them down to the sea.

They land in the middle of the heavily fortified Marine base, Navarone. There the Straw-hats split up and sneak around the base, trying to find a way to get back to the open seas. Base commander Jonathan, a devious strategist has plans to catch them and restore glory to his crew.

On a strange island where everything is long, the Straw-hat pirates encounter the Foxy pirates and agree to a Davy Back, a series of games where the winning team can steal a member of the team and add them to their crew. Continue reading “One Piece – Season Seven”

One Piece – Season Six

Just when things look like they’re about to settle down for the Straw hat pirates, a boat falls out of the sky and sinks into the depths below. Curious as to how that could happen they dive down to see what they can find.

One of the weird treasures they recover is a map of a place called Skypiea. They encounter pirates and salvage teams before riding a jet of water into the clouds where they discover an island with angels, demons, and gods.

The Straw hat pirates will be pushed to their limits and beyond as they come up against Eneru and his priests. Can they come to terms with this strange new land and the weird people that exist there? Continue reading “One Piece – Season Six”

One Piece – Season Five

Having defeated Crocodile, the Straw hat pirates are relentlessly pursued by the Marines. As they continue to dodge the Marines and have no real direction, we get to find out a little more about all of the characters.

After several episodes of character profiling, the Straw hat pirates end up on the island of goats with the mysterious Zenny. When Zenny appears to have a heart attack, Chopper tells the crew that he may only have a couple of days to live. They decide to stick around to make sure he’s comfortable.

Their next adventure takes them into the Rainbow Mist, a mysterious land that exists outside of space and time. There they must join up with a group of children who call themselves the Pumpkin pirates if they are to escape. Continue reading “One Piece – Season Five”