Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka (Season One)

Having defeated the Disas, Asuka tries to return to normal, but there’s no escaping her past. Once a Magical Girl, always a Magical Girl.

What did you watch?

Magical Girl Spec-Ops: Asuka was part of the Winter 2019 lineup and one that I was particularly looking forward to, especially after how much I enjoyed Magical Girl: Raising Project. The animation looked slick and it looked to continue the strange meshing of cute and violent.

What’s it about?

Asuka was part of the Magical Nine. She was selected by an envoy from the spirit world to help humanity defeat the Disas, a race of magical monsters intent on taking over the world. They won and now things can return to normal. Not for Asuka, however, she is plagued by nightmares from the battlefield and struggles to settle down again.

With a new breed of terrorism and an illegal magical item black-market, the world governments are setting up groups to counter. The Japan based M Squad already has Magical Girl War Nurse on board and hope to convince Asuka to come out of retirement.

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Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka (Episodes 5-8)

Having rescued Nozomi from the evil Magical Girl, Asuka and Kurumi have more to do if they too are going to escape. But will this change Asuka’s stance on the M-Squad?

What’s happened since last time?

Episode four ended with Asuka and Kurumi rescuing Nozomi and fighting their way out. So, we picked up immediately after that as Asuka battled two magic wielders while Kurumi reattached Nozomi’s arm and got her to safety, but the evil Magical Girl with the scissors was hot on Kurumi’s heals.

Asuka raced to help her friend and arrived at the same time as the M-Squad. They save Kurumi and almost defeat the evil Magical Girl before another appeared and rescued her, trapping Asuka, Kurumi, and M-Squad. After this Asuka agrees to join M-Squad and is quickly sent on a mission.

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Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka (Episodes 1-4)

Three years after the Magical Girls defeated the Disas, the world returned to normal, but Asuka, one of the magical girls, is struggling to settle back into society.

What’s it about?

A race of magical creatures attacked Earth and looked set to destroy everything, until spirits from another world formed an alliance with Earth and created the Magical Girls – nine high school girls that were gifted incredible magical powers.

Having defeated the Disas, the Magical Girls that survived returned to their home nations and tried to resume their normal lives, but war leaves more than just physical scars. Asuka lost her parents to the Disas and now lives alone. She has abandoned her role as a Magical Girl so as to avoid putting her friends in danger.

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