Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (Season One)

A hero of questionable decency smuggles the daughter of a Dark Lord back to Earth in order to protect her and keep a promise to an old foe.

What did you watch and why? This was the first title from my A to Z Anime Challenge. I picked knowing that it had one season which was twelve episodes long. Other than that, I went off the title image. That’s generally how I plan on making my picks. So this one had a hero, a hot dark lord, and a massive sword. Winner!!!

What’s it about? Interestingly, the story begins with our hero, Akatsuki running through the woods where a group of well-endowed warrior maidens attack him. He fights them off with ease, immobilising them by expertly removing their undergarments (bras and panties!). Once clear of the embarrassed maidens her goes through a portal back to Earth.

There he opens the duffle bag he was carrying to reveal a beautiful naked girl concealed within. It turns out she is Miu, the daughter of a Dark Lord and Akatsuki is sworn to protect her. Having been summoned to another realm, they are placed in a special school for people gifted with combat based magic.

Akatsuki soon takes over the place with his charm and general badass nature, but it’s not long before the rulers of Alayzard realize where the Dark Lord’s daughter has gone and sent warriors to retrieve her.

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Maken-ki (Season Two)

Fresh from summer training camp (you’ll want to check out the OVAs for that one) the students return to Tenbi Academy to continue their training. Things are about to get a whole lot crazier…

What did you watch and why? This was season two of Maken-ki and having finished season one and the OVAs, and still working through Ergo Proxy, I had no choice but to continue… seriously, though this series is hilarious.

What’s it about? It’s basically more of the same, but a little bit cruder, more lewder, and this time there is more of a story. I say more, but it’s still not a lot, but that doesn’t matter.

In season two, the Maken-ki team track down a lingerie thief, get transformed into cat girls, attend a manga and cosplay convention, and a whole host of other brilliant yet bizarre situations.

Again, this series has a lot of fan-service, possibly the most I’ve seen in one show… well, apart from Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid… It is stupid, but wildly entertaining. If that stuff doesn’t upset you it’s well worth the time.

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Maken-ki (Season One)

When Tenbi Academy, previously an all-girl high school converts to co-ed, Takeru didn’t need much convincing to join, but he’s about to learn that girls kick ass too!

What did you watch and why? I was in the middle of watching Ergo Proxy, and while I loved that series, it is a little heavy, so to break things up I started watching a couple episodes of something a little more lighthearted and fun. Enter Maken-ki!

What’s it about? Tenbi Academy is an exclusive high school for students with the ability to control magic called Elements and wield powerful weapons called Maken. It is designed to prepare the students to use their gifts in the rest of the world once they graduate.

Takeru is just your average pervy guy. His childhood friend, Haruko was already a student when the Academy switched from all-girls to co-ed, so she was excited to be able to spend more time with her friend, but Takeru was just excited…

Before long, Haruko convinces Takeru to join the student council as a part of Maken-ki, a group that polices the battles between students as they test out their abilities. They also make sure that nothing untoward is going on within the student body… not that body… you’re as bad as Takeru!

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Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight – Second Chances (Episodes 5-8)

What’s happened since last time? So much has happened that it’s hard to really get a grasp on it. Montmorency continues to use Jeanne as a figurehead for the French fight against the English. Various members of his own side have abandoned them, Richemont and La Hire included.

France is divided and a former friend has activated another philosopher’s stone and become Ulysses Noir. Some other people go off in search of the Excaliber’s scabbard, which was hidden inside a nook in a tree…

Also, some other fancy warriors, working for the English defeat Jeanne, taking her heart so that she cannot heal… oh, but she can…

Have your feelings changed? After the first impression, I was a little disappointed. This had all the signs of being something entertaining, but my opinion has dropped considerably since then. It is completely and utterly boring.

They are trying to squeeze in so much stuff, it is becoming bloated and tired. There are too many characters popping up all over the place. They killed Jeanne, but not really. The story just bounces around all over the place. It’s impossible to bond with any of the characters.

Favourite character so far? Ulysses Noir. She doesn’t have much to say, but she looks good fighting. A totally impractical battle suit, but who cares she has a philosopher’s stone so she can get away with it.

Who do you want to see more of? Honestly, I’ll just be glad when this is over, but if I have to, I want to see some actual fights that aren’t the same two animation shots over and over again. I know the scale is big, but it’s so lazy when I can see the same animation walking beside itself. Argh! This is just such a bad series.

Are you going to continue watching? Only because there are only twelve episodes and I’ve already watched eight. I’m actually more disappointed with this than Conception because that was always going to be stupid. This series is bad on so many levels though. Heed my warnings, watch something else, anything else…

Goblin Slayer! – Second Chances (Episodes 5-8)

What’s happened since last time? Goblin Slayer slept for three days, recovering from the battle with the troll. Once recovered, or as close to as he was willing to wait, he returned to work – killing goblins.

To help the Guild, he sat in on a level assessment as an observer, which seemed to bore him to no end. As soon as that was done, he jumped on another mission, inviting his companions from the last quest to come with him.

They agreed, but put some restrictions on the things that the Goblin Slayer can use to kill goblins, which was a little harsh in my view. They arrive at a beautiful city with waterways and stunning architecture, only to discover that a goblin horde had settled into the ruins beneath.

Deep beneath the city, they encounter a goblin hero and barely escape with their lives. Once recovered, and it was touch and go for a while there, they return to take on a demonic eye that appeared to be guarding something sinister.

Have your feelings changed? Nope. I loved everything about this series after the first episode and that feeling just got stronger as I continued to watch. Having now watched eight episodes, it is still one of my favourites of the season, possibly the year.

Favourite character so far? Nothing has changed. I want to see the Goblin Slayer doing what he does best, being silent and broody. No! Not that. I want to see him killing goblins and all other demonic beasts he comes across, using whatever method he deems necessary.

Who do you want to see more of? After the first impressions, I said I wanted to see more of the new group – the High Elf Archer, the Dwarf Shamen, and Lizard Priest. I was not let down. It would appear that this group is now firmly established, so I would like to see more dangerous quests, and of course more goblin slaying!

Are you going to continue watching? Absolutely. I love this series. It’s dark and dangerous, and the stakes have been set. As much as people complained about the opening episode, it really set things up, making it possible for anything to happen to anyone. Without that, you would end up being bored. It’s great to see the characters winning, but only if there’s a chance that they could lose.