Jormungand: Perfect Order (Season Two)

Koko has a new plan and the thought of it terrifies Jonah so much that he jumps overboard and swims to shore. Can Jonah convince Koko not to go through with it or will he realize that it was inevitable?

What did you watch?

So, continuing the letter J in my A to Z Anime Challenge I jumped straight into season two of Jormungand which has the subtitle of Perfect Order. I loved the first season and am excited to see just where this season goes. There was lots of build up and promise of stuff to come, so this should be great.

What’s it about?

Koko and Dr Miama are planning something big, really big. So big in fact that no one other than them knows exactly what. CIA Chief of the European Division Bookman hopes to uncover exactly what they’re up to so that he can use them as a tool for the U.S., but even he can’t be prepared for what it really is.

One of Bookman’s top agents seeks to bring down Koko by kidnapping Jonah, but the mission is thwarted by R who dies in the gunfight. Koko continues to move pieces around the world, slowly bringing project Jormungand into action, but when Jonah finds out what she’s planning he jumps ship, literally!

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Jormungand (Season One)

Jonah hates guns with a passion, but as a former child soldier, he’s not got that many skills. His life is changed forever when he is recruited into Koko Hekmatyar’s squad of mercenaries.

What did you watch?

When I was looking at series beginning with a J for my A to Z Anime Challenge, there were two that stood out to me. One was Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and the other was this one. I knew nothing of Jormungand going in other than it was well regarded. In this battle, it was also shorter, so it won out and for that I am glad.

What’s it about?

Jonah was a child soldier until he was recruited to join a weapons dealers personal squad of mercenaries. The real irony is that Jonah hates weapons like he really hates them and the people that sell them. So, what’s he doing working for an arms dealer?

In short, he’s doing it to save some friends and give them a better life, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to start to like them. After all, he’s a professional and when he’s set his mind on doing something he will. His new boss, Koko Hekmatyar is a young and ambitious dealer with a cool and calm exterior, but don’t piss her off, whatever you do!

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