High School DxD – Season Four

The season started with Issei and all the younger class members going on a school trip to Kyoto, leaving Rias, Akeno, and Koneko at home to enjoy hot baths… In Kyoto, they come face to face with the Hero Faction.

But all of that is just a warm up to the main event which is the much-anticipated rating game between the Gremory household and Sairaorg’s family. He’s an incredibly strong demon but has no special powers.

But, in reality, all of this is just a backdrop to the real story, which is whether Issei will finally step up and tell Rias exactly how he feels about her. There are plenty of chances but more often than not he really is a ‘brainless dildo’ (direct quote from Akeno). Continue reading “High School DxD – Season Four”

High School DxD – Season Three

Rias takes her group to the underworld for summer break, although a break is the last thing they can expect. She has arranged a series of training camps for each of them, specifically designed to enhance their skills and unlock their abilities.

Issei trains with a past Red Dragon Emperor but doesn’t manage to unlock his ultimate ability. Seeing his disappointment, Azazel offers him some advice. Before he has a chance to really consider the wisdom, Loki crashes the party and attempts to start another war.

Rias and Issei try to protect Koneko from her big sister, who is working with Loki. They are struggling to win until Issei remembers Azazel’s advice and with the reluctant assistance of Rias, he unlocks his balance breaker power. Continue reading “High School DxD – Season Three”

High School DxD – Season Two

Issei is still coming to terms with the deal he made with the Red Dragon Emperor spirit that lives inside him. Akeno does her best to remove the dragon power from the arm he sacrificed in exchange for the power to defeat Riser.

The fallen angels are back and have teamed up with former agents of the church. They plan on destroying Rias and her team so as to start another Great War between Angels, Devils, and Fallen Angels.

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, there is the sudden appearance of the White Dragon Emperor, the mortal enemy of the dragon spirit within Issei. They are destined to battle. Continue reading “High School DxD – Season Two”

High School DxD – Season One

High school loser, Issei Hyodo likes the ladies, but sadly his affection isn’t returned. When one girl actually shows some interest in him, he can’t believe it. Then at the end of their first date, she transforms into a dark-winged angel and kills him.

Issei wakes the next day assuming it was a dream, but when another dark-winged angel attacks and injuries him he starts to have doubts. Rias Gremory, the president of the high school Occult Research Club appears and defeats the fallen angel. She takes Issei home and heals his injuries.

Rias reveals that she is a devil and that he too is now a devil. Also, she is his master. Now, Issei must adapt to his new life as a devil in Rias’ service. He will also need to work out why the fallen angels are trying to kill him. Continue reading “High School DxD – Season One”