Fruits Basket (Episode 3) – Let’s Play Rich Man, Poor Man!

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Despite Tohru’s best efforts, she can’t seem to stop Kyo and Yuki from continuing to try to best one another. They’re both so stubborn, it’s looking like an impossible task.

What did you watch?

I’ve almost wrapped up all my shows from the winter schedule and yet, somehow, I’m three weeks into the spring schedule already. So far, I’m very happy with my selections. There have been some concerns, but I’m confident that things are heading in the right direction.

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Fruits Basket (Episode 2) – They’re All Animals!

Fruits Basket 2019 Banner

With the cat out of the bag… so to speak, Tohru Honda now knows what she’s got herself into, well, almost. Now, she will have to wait to see if the head of the Soma family will allow it.

What did you watch?

It’s already the second week of the Spring 2019 schedule and I’ve managed to keep myself from jumping into all the other shows that catch my eye. Admittedly, I do have several shows from the Winter schedule that haven’t finished yet, so I’ll have those to review soon as well. But then you’re not here for that, we’re talking about Fruits Basket episode two, so let’s dive in.

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Fruits Basket (Episode 1) – See You After School

Following the death of her mother, Tohru Honda is determined not to be a burden on anyone else. She’s going to pay her own way even if that means living in a tent for a while.

What did you watch?

After having so much fun reviewing The Promised Neverland on an episodic basis, I decided to adjust my seasonal schedule. So, this season I am only going to watch two shows live and review both, episode by episode. This is the first of my new shows – Fruits Basket. For full disclosure, I haven’t seen the original and have absolutely no idea what it’s about, so this should be interesting.

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