Fate/Extra: Last Encore – Season Two

What did you watch and why? I’ve had mixed feelings with the whole Fate series. Earlier in the year, I watched the first season and it left things wide open, so when the second season appeared, I felt like I had to finish things off.

One line pitch! The spirits of ancient heroes fight in a digital world that is the last bastion of humanity…

What’s it really about? Who the hell knows? We join the characters from the end of season one as they ascend to the sixth level, where the guardian awaits them. There’s a lot of talking, mostly one-sided as everyone seems to be happy to not interrupt each other. Then there’s a couple of massive attacks and it’s all over…

What hooked you? Continue reading “Fate/Extra: Last Encore – Season Two”

Fate/Extra: Last Encore – Season One

Hakuno finds himself in a strange world with no recollection of his past. It appears to be a school, but things appear to be off. A countdown begins. His friend stabs in him in the back and leaves him for dead. He wakes sometime later and is pursued by a dark avatar.

He stumbles across an ornate theatre where he finds a sword. When he touches the sword, a heroic spirit appears and makes a pack with him. She defeats the avatar and together they progress to the next level.

The heroic spirit, Saber, brings Hakuno up to speed. It would appear that he has found himself in a digital version of the Holy Grail War. In order to win the grail he must defeat the guardians and move through the levels, but not everything is quite as it seems. Continue reading “Fate/Extra: Last Encore – Season One”

Fate/Apocrypha – Season One

During the third Holy Grail War, the Holy Grail was stolen and taken to Romania. The Yggdmillennia group claim to have the Holy Grail and intend to create a rival mages association. To do this they have summoned seven servants to fight in the Great Holy Grail War.

The mages association must find seven masters and servants of its own to battle Yggdmillenia. As before the last mage standing will win the Holy Grail and have a wish granted. Only this time there are another thirteen mages and servants to beat first.

A fifteenth servant appears claiming to be Jeanne d’Arc and heads towards Romania to oversee the Great Holy Grail War. All of the pieces are moving to place for what promises to be an epic battle. Continue reading “Fate/Apocrypha – Season One”

Fate/Zero – Season Two

Caster has created a colossal demon. He plans to put on a spectacle for God to watch. Saber, Lancer, and Rider fight to stop him, while Archer and Berserker battle high in the skies overhead. Tokiomi Tosaka, Rin’s father, reveals what a lousy piece of work he is when confronted by Kariya Mato.

Lancer destroys one of his weapons to allow Saber to heal and use her Noble Phantasm, which is their only chance to stop Caster. Kiritsugu watches from above through the sight of his sniper rifle before taking out Caster’s master, but even that’s not enough to stop Caster.

The battle for the Holy Grail has intensified and the masters are revealing their true colours. Once again, Kiritsugu doesn’t appear as bad as they first made out. At least he’s always been honest about his methods. It’s all about to get nasty. Continue reading “Fate/Zero – Season Two”

Fate/Zero – Season One

It’s the beginning of the fourth Holy Grail war and the masters are summoning their servants. Set ten years before the fifth Holy Grail war in Fate/Stay Night, this series delves into the backgrounds of the great mage families.

The Einzbern family desperate to win after three failed attempts has brought the hated mage killer, Kiritsugu Emiya into their ranks. His tactics and techniques are despised by the other mages. He is a skilled mercenary and a hitman willing to whatever he needs to in order to win.

All of the masters have one eye on Kiritsugu, which leaves them blind to another more sinister threat. There are others who seek to do far worse and are willing to stoop to unimaginable depths. Continue reading “Fate/Zero – Season One”