Radiant – First Impressions (Episodes 1-4)

What’s it about? It’s about a boy who wants to become King of the Pirates… no, wait. It’s about a boy who wants to become the World’s Greatest Hero. Hang on, that’s not it either. It’s about a boy who wants to become the world’s greatest sorcerer. He’s cocky and unprepared, yet has a powerful gift that makes him different to other sorcerers. He’s also on an adventure to find the Radiant, the home of the mysterious monsters that constantly attack his world.

What are your first impressions? Honestly, if I wasn’t giving every show four episodes to grab me, I wouldn’t have made it to episode two. It did slightly pick up, but none of that was due to the protagonist, Seth. Alma’s story which was revealed in episode three, at least from the moment she lost her memory, was a touching scene, but, all in, it’s not looking good.

Favourite character so far? She’s only been in it for one episode so far, but Melie has stolen the show, especially with her curse that flips her personality whenever she’s under stress. Light and ditzy Melie focuses on defensive magic, whereas dark Melie is all about attacks and explosions, plus, she’s got an attitude.

Who do you want to see more of? More Melie would be a good start. There was, however, another semi-interesting group and that was the head Inquisitors. They seem to be a pretty powerful bunch who will no doubt cause Seth and his friends no end of problems.

Are you going to continue watching? I feel like it just about did enough for me to keep watching although it is at the absolute bottom of the pile in terms of priority. If I’m struggling for time, this will be the first one to make way. As long as the character design doesn’t get any worse than this, we might be all right!

Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight – First Impressions (Episodes 1-4)

What’s it about? Montmorency trained at a knight school, but his true love is alchemy. When the English invaded France his secret love is set to fight at the Battle of Azincourt. In his attempts to save her he summons a fairy queen to help him become immortal. Seven years later, he still hasn’t figured out how to do it, but maybe he could successfully transform another to stop the Hundred Years War.

What are your first impressions? I was actually a little disappointed. I’m not a huge fan of time jumps so ending the first episode with a seven-year jump wasn’t the best start for me. There were some fun characters, but I’m finding Montmorency to be a bit annoying. So far it’s been very disjointed, jumping forwards in time and location. Hopefully, it’ll come together as it progresses.

Favourite character so far? So far, it’s the mercenary La Hire, but only because she kicks ass and doesn’t back away from a fight. I’m not sure how realistic a pistol would have been in the Hundred Years War, but then there are fairies and whatnot.

Who do you want to see more of? Richemont needs to some more screen time. Her whole ordeal at the Battle of Azincourt, subsequent capture by the English, and then escaping only to be captured by the French deserved more than five minutes. Although, I’d be happy with more time for anyone if it means less Montmorency.

Are you going to continue watching? I probably will, but it’s bottom of my priorities as of right now. There have been a couple of good moments, but I’m not overly optamistic. I am hoping to be surprised.

Goblin Slayer! – First Impressions (Episodes 1-4)

What’s it about? The story follows a young Priestess who wishes to become an adventurer. Almost immediately upon registering with the Guild, she is convinced to join a party on a quest to rescue some girls from the goblins. Assuming they will be easy to defeat was a massive mistake. With everything going horribly wrong, the adventurer known only as Goblin Slayer intervenes.

What are your first impressions? Brutal! You get the sense that the Priestess joining the party was a terrible idea from the start. Then you are left with this lingering sense of dread as they enter the goblins’ lair. It doesn’t take long before you get to see just how evil and twisted the goblins really are. This series is dark and awesome.

Favourite character so far? Goblin Slayer! He is devious and determined. Well accustomed to the goblins and their attacks, he leaves nothing to chance. He doesn’t care that the other silver ranked adventures look down on him, he just wants to kill all the goblins and he’s fines tuned his armour and weaponry to be the perfect goblin killing machine!

Who do you want to see more of? I loved it when the High Elf, Dwarf Shamen, and Lizard Priest joined their small party. Together they make a formidable group. Seeing them going after the goblins and other dark creatures is all I want. Kill all the goblins!

Are you going to continue watching? Oh, yes! This was epic! I love dark fantasy where there is a little more realism. To think that every party of adventurers is going to win and that the monsters aren’t going to embody everything that is wrong with society is a little nieve. There’s been a lot of complaints about Goblin Hunter for glorifying certain darker elements, but I saw none of that. If anything it was the complete opposite. It was in there to make you hate the goblins and it bloody worked!

Fate/Extra: Last Encore – Season Two

What did you watch and why? I’ve had mixed feelings with the whole Fate series. Earlier in the year, I watched the first season and it left things wide open, so when the second season appeared, I felt like I had to finish things off.

One line pitch! The spirits of ancient heroes fight in a digital world that is the last bastion of humanity…

What’s it really about? Who the hell knows? We join the characters from the end of season one as they ascend to the sixth level, where the guardian awaits them. There’s a lot of talking, mostly one-sided as everyone seems to be happy to not interrupt each other. Then there’s a couple of massive attacks and it’s all over…

What hooked you? Continue reading “Fate/Extra: Last Encore – Season Two”

The White Knight (Valiant Lineage Book 8)

The White Knight (Valiant Lineage Book 8)

Help comes in many forms…

This is not it!

Can Val outrun the colossal zombie horde?

The endless desert stretches out before them and they haven’t eaten in days, so when a mysterious rider offers to help they have no choice but to accept it.

A short carriage ride takes them to a secluded outpost, but when the druids spot Val and Dante, they flee.

Can they find the druids before the zombie horde catches up?

The White Knight is the eighth volume of Valiant Lineage, an action-packed dark fantasy series.

Vampires Rule, Humans Resist, Zombies Revolt!

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