Fairy Gone (Episode 7) – Stubborn Blacksmith and Biased Rabbit

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After more artificial fairy soldiers malfunction, Dorothea director, Nein Auler gets dragged from meeting to meeting and we get to watch!

What did you watch?

As usual, I get to finish my weeks’ seasonal viewing with Fairy Gone. This was episode 7 and after the epic episode of Demon Slayer yesterday, it was always going to be tough to follow. It’s probably for the best that it didn’t even try.

Fairy Gone Episode 7 Nein Auler Looking Bored
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Fairy Gone (Episode 6) – Fellow Traveler

Fairy Gone Title

As the unified country prepares for the ten year anniversary of the war, security has been boosted by the new artificial fairy soldiers. They’re untested, but that should be fine, right?

What did you watch?

I’m still here and still watching Fairy Gone. So far, I’ve watched countless other reviewers kick this one to the curb. Honestly, the thought has crossed my mind on several occasions, but I’ve started so I’ll finish. Damn this stubborn streak. That said, if it keeps up, I could end up as the official reviewer for the series. I’m yet to decide whether that’s a good thing or not!

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Fairy Gone (Episode 5) – Black Moon and Lost Child’s Song

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Veronica has come to rescue Marlya from Team Rocket… I mean the Gui Carlin clean-up crew, but why? There must be more to it than being old friends.

What did you watch?

All right, so that was episode five of Fairy Gone. So far this series hasn’t set the world alight, but there’s always time to change, isn’t there. Well at twenty-four episodes long, there is, but they need to pick up the pace otherwise they’ll be no one but me watching it!

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Is it Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon (Season One)

Bell Cranel lives with his Goddess, Hestia as part of the smallest and most insignificant Familia in Orario. He dreams of becoming a great adventurer and Hestia will do everything she can to make that happen.

What did you watch?

I have been planning on watching this series since the end of last year. After reading Karandi‘s review of the light novel, I ran out and grabbed the first nine volumes of the manga. It didn’t take me long to get through them, but I managed to hold back on watching so that I could include Is it Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon in my A to Z Anime Challenge.

What’s it about?

Bell Cranel wants to be an adventurer. He tried to find a Familia that would take him in and allow him to grow, but because of his size everyone turned him away. That was until Hestia offered to give him her blessing. She now has a Familia of two, including herself, but Bell is fine with that. He loves Hestia and will fight to get stronger and prove he’s worthy of her.

On one adventure, he is cornered by a Minotaur that had escaped to a level of the dungeon it shouldn’t have been on. All Bell could do was cower in fear as it closed in. At the last second, he is saved by Aiz Wallenstein, a famous sword maiden. He instantly falls in love with her and sets out to become strong enough to gain her attention.

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Fairy Gone (Episode 4) – Impatient Housekeeper and Selfish Artist

Fairy Gone Title

Marlya and Free manage to recover the Black Fairy Tome but are yet to validate its authenticity. Meanwhile, Sweetie sends in the cleaners!

What did you watch?

So, admittedly watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones kept me from getting to this last night. It’s probably not fair to watch this after something so utterly epic, but here we are. This also is the end of week four of the Spring 2019 scheduled. We already know that I’m enjoying Fruits Basket and loving Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, so how does Fairy Gone fare?

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