Overlord – Season Three

What did you watch and why? I loved the first two seasons of Overlord, so of course, I was back for the third. It’s dark and gritty, and really, we’re seeing it all from the side of the villain. He is the villain, right?

One line pitch! Overpowered undead sorcerer king starts down a path to conquer the world…

What’s it really about? A gamer that was transported to a world similar to the MMORPG he was playing searches for other gamers from the real world. In an attempt to find them he attempts to get noticed by taking over the world… There are undead armies, goblin hordes, terrifying demons, and those are all on his side.

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How Not to Summon a Demon Lord – Season One

It’s like Overlord but with more meat on the bones. So much more meat! They summoned a Demon Lord to be their slave, but it didn’t work out!

What did you watch and why? When the new season of anime was announced, How Not to Summon a Demon Lord was top of my list and one look at the promo image should tell you why. That’s right, he’s a demon lord…

What’s it really about? A loner, gamer is summoned into a fantasy where he takes on the life of his character, Diablo complete with his physical and magical abilities.

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Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

When former CIA agent Cammy White assassinates a Justice Minister, Interpol sends Chun Li to find out why. She teams up with Captain Guile of the United States Military as they hunt down Shadowlaw and its mysterious leader M. Bison.

Bison is currently recruiting and he’s handpicking the finest street fighters and martial artists the world has to offer, but his ultimate prize remains elusive. A fighter known only as Ryu continues to evade him.

Settling on Ryu’s former sparring partner Ken, Bison manages to lure him out and now seeks to test himself against what he believes is the highest rated fighter in the world. Expect to see all of your favourite characters from the classic video game. Continue reading “Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie”

The Kid, the Dead, and the Ugly (Valiant Lineage Book 7)

The Kid, the Dead, and the Ugly (Valiant Lineage Book 7)

Relentlessly pursued across the desert by a horde of zombies can change a man…

Val leads the team from Outpost to Outpost in search of the druids. They need to find a way to shift the balance of power, which as of right now they don’t have any. It’s been days since they eaten or slept as a horde of zombies follows them day and night.

A close encounter with the biggest horde they’ve ever seen splits up the group. Dante and Val push on in search of the others, but someone finds them first. Allegiances will be strained and friendships tested. Can Val find the others before the zombies do?

The Kid, the Dead, and the Ugly is the seventh volume of Valiant Lineage, an action-packed dark fantasy series. Ideal for fans of non-stop action, fierce heroines, relentless zombie hordes, and endless bloody carnage.

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World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman – Season One

The Akane Academy is a school for students with the reincarnated souls of legendary warriors. Memories from their previous lives allow the students to tap into one of two ancient powers, Shirogane for attack and Kuroma for defence.

Moroha is unlike any of the other students. He is the third incarnation of a single soul. In his first incarnation, he mastered Shirogane and in the second Kuroma. As the memories of the two previous lives materialise he realises he is able to utilise both powers.

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