Fairy Gone (Episode 10) – Cursed Child

Fairy Gone Title

Dorothea comes to terms with the failed mission and the deaths of their colleagues. Marlya takes it pretty hard, believing that she is cursed and death follows her.

What did you watch?

Last weeks episode was by far the best one yet, and it still is. This was episode 10 of Fairy Gone and while it did spend some time developing the characters, it certainly didn’t live up to the excitement of the previous episode. Still, we’re getting pretty close to the end of the first cour/season so there’s going to be some significant developments in the next couple of episodes.

Fairy Gone Episode 10 Nein Auler
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Fairy Gone (Episode 9) – Rolling Stones and Seven Knights

Fairy Gone Title

Following Schwartz Diese’s bravery during the assassination attempt of the Prime Minister, he is to be rewarded with a Fairy Weapon and Dorothea is tasked with transporting it to his home.

What did you watch?

After eight weeks of slow build up, sitting around in bars, and falling asleep at work, something is finally starting to happen and it’s only episode 9 of Fairy Gone. It was by no means perfect, but it was a massive relief to actually enjoy an episode. I’m not sure if it’ll be enough to make me want to return for the second half of the season, but it was a step in the right direction.

Fairy Gone Episode 9 Marlya Surprised
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Knight’s & Magic (Season One)

Knight's & Magic Title

A gifted programmer is killed in a car accident and finds himself reborn into a new world with magic, monsters and giant mecha!

What did you watch?

This was my selection for the letter K in my A to Z Anime Challenge. Now, first things first. The apostrophe in Knight’s… they put it there, not me. Ironically, on the manga, it doesn’t have the errant apostrophe, but I’m reviewing the anime, so it is what it is. Anyhow, let’s get on with the review.

What’s it about?

Tsubasa Kurata was a gifted programmer and mecha otaku until a car accident ended his life. He was, however, reincarnated as a young boy in a mysterious Kingdom where magic exists. With his knowledge of programming and obsession with mecha, Ernesti (Tsubasa) is determined to become a Silhouette Knight pilot known as a Knight Runner, but given his small stature, it seemed unlikely.

That’s not enough to put Ernesti off though, if need be he’ll learn the secrets and build his own. Luckily, his knowledge of programming has prepared him for the use of magic, which seems fairly similar. He enrols in the prestigious Laihiala Academy and soon finds himself thrust into a dangerous situation, but also one where he can show his true potential.

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Fairy Gone (Episode 8) – Pipe Blowing in Stage Wing

Fairy Gone Title

Marlya and Free recover the mysterious Black Four from Gilbert Warlock’s manor, but Bitter Sweet got there first and made her escape. Now to deal with the malfunctioning artificial fairy soldiers.

What did you watch?

This was episode 8 of Fairy Gone. I discovered after last week’s episode that they have decided to split this season with the second half airing in the Autumn schedule. On one hand, that means I’ll get a break from it, however, it also means that they have got to really pull out all the stops or I’m going to struggle to justify coming back to this whether they call it season two or not.

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Fairy Gone (Episode 7) – Stubborn Blacksmith and Biased Rabbit

Fairy Gone Title

After more artificial fairy soldiers malfunction, Dorothea director, Nein Auler gets dragged from meeting to meeting and we get to watch!

What did you watch?

As usual, I get to finish my weeks’ seasonal viewing with Fairy Gone. This was episode 7 and after the epic episode of Demon Slayer yesterday, it was always going to be tough to follow. It’s probably for the best that it didn’t even try.

Fairy Gone Episode 7 Nein Auler Looking Bored
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