Endro! (Season One)

Endro Title

Yuusha always wanted to be the hero and when her party defeated the Demon Lord it looked like she’d fulfilled her destiny, but something went wrong…

What did you watch?

If watching seasonal anime has taught me anything, it’s that you shouldn’t stick to your chosen genres. It’s good to branch out and experience new things, sometimes they will surprise you. However, sometimes they won’t. Could Endro! be one of those times?

What’s it about?

When Yuusha and her party tried to imprison the Demon Lord, Yuusha got the spell wrong and sent her back in time. Now, she is a teacher at the adventurer school where Yuusha and her friends have just begun their training. Trapped in this time, the Demon Lord is ready to do everything in her power to stop the heroes party from completing their quest.

Before long, Yuusha has discovered the hero’s sword and despite the Demon Lord’s best efforts the party just seems to be going from strength to strength. Even the most mundane quests and challenges manage to deliver excellent opportunities for them to grow and gain experience.

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Endro! (Episodes 5-8)

The emergence of the hero has been noticed by the princess. She’s a hero party fan-girl and is determined to help them in any way she can, even if they don’t need her help.

What’s happened since last time?

The hero party has a new fan and it’s none other than Princess Rona Pricipa O’Lapanesta… She promptly made her way to the adventurers guild where she enrolled so that she can get closer to the hero party. Then, in an attempt to see the hero party performing at full strength she stages her kidnapping and has the teacher ‘pretend’ to be a demon lord.

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Endro! (Episodes 1-4)

They defeated the Demon Lord or so they thought… not that they care!

What’s it about?

Yusha and her friends confronted the Demon Lord. Things were looking dire until they used some forbidden magic, however, it didn’t go quite as they’d hoped. Unbeknownst to them, instead of sealing the Demon Lord in a dark dimension they sent it back in time to before they had completed Adventurer School. Now, trapped in the body of a girl, the Demon Lord plans on doing everything it can to stop Yusha from graduating.

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