Blood-C: The Last Dark

Desperate to track down Fumito and make him pay for what he put her through, Saya heads to Tokyo and hooks up with a group of hackers. This time she’s after blood!

What did you watch and why? When I selected Blood-C as part of my A to Z Anime Challenge I was aware of the movie and had planned to watch it anyhow, even before I realised it followed on from the series. If anything it’s kind of a feature-length final episode.

What’s it about? It’s been six months since the conclusion of Blood-C and Saya is healed and thirsty for revenge. She heads to Tokyo in search of Fumito and his sinister organisation. It doesn’t take long before Saya encounters an Elder Bairn on the subway. It grabs a girl and flees. She gives chance ultimately killing the Elder Bairn and saving the girl.

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Blood-C (Season One)

In a small town with a sinister secret, mysterious monsters feed on the humans, and a schoolgirl with a sword may be their only hope of survival.

What did you watch and why? This was the second series from my A to Z Anime Challenge. I remember watching a short movie back in the days of VHS called Blood: The Last Vampire, which was very cool. So, when I saw the cover art for this series, I assumed it must be connected and decided to watch it. It was connected.

What’s it about? Saya is your average schoolgirl. Well, not quite. She lives at a shrine with her father, a stoic and serious man. When she’s not doing her chores around the shrine or going to school, she fights demonic creatures called Elder Bairns who feast on human flesh.

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