Keijo!!!!!!!! – Season One

Keijo is the fastest growing professional sport in Japan. Popular for its gambling potential and exhilarating matches. The match takes place on a floating island, referred to as Land, in large water-filled stadiums. Swimsuit-clad competitors fight to incapacitate their opponents or knock them off the Land, but they can only do so using their breasts or buttocks.

Nozomi has dreams of becoming the richest Keijo player in history and her journey there starts now. She has just been accepted into a prestigious Keijo academy and is eager to prove she belongs. Now the hard work begins.

The girls are split into teams for their training. Regular sparing matches keep them honest and assess their abilities. Nozomi is forced to wear a special suit to increase her core strength when she unleashes an unstoppable move by accident. They need to get in top shape because the illustrious East-West War is approaching, where the two top academies fight for superiority. Continue reading “Keijo!!!!!!!! – Season One”

Murder Princess – Season One

The Kingdom of Forland is under attack from within. Former royal scientist, Dr Akamashi is leading a coup d’etat with his manufactured monsters. He kills the King but Princess Alita manages to escape in search of help.

A joint near-death experience sees the Princess swapping bodies with Falis, a renowned bounty hunter. She pleads with Falis to help her save her home. Reluctantly, Falis agrees hoping to find a way to switch their bodies back.

Falis retakes the kingdom and assumes the throne as the Princess, while the Princess, still in Falis’ body becomes her handmaid in order to assist her. Only a few close advisors know the truth behind the Princess’ sudden newly acquired fighting skills. Continue reading “Murder Princess – Season One”

Claymore – Season One

The Claymore strides into town to gasps and looks of terror. She has been hired to eliminate a Yoma, a shape-shifting demon that can mimic any human. Only the Claymores can spot them in the human form as they themselves are part Yoma.

Clare wanders from job to job dispatching Yoma with ease. In one instance she takes pity on a boy, Raki, who is thrown out of his home because the Yoma was hiding within his family. For whatever reason, he keeps her grounded and even gives her a new purpose to live.

The Organisation, however, is not so keen on her new found purpose. They are responsible for assign the Claymores their tasks and they have one especially for her. Clare is sent deep into the mountains with another three Claymores, their target an Awakened Being, a former Claymore who has succumbed to their Yoma power. Continue reading “Claymore – Season One”

Shimoneta – Season One

It’s been sixteen years since the Japanese government cracked down on perceived immorality, banning lewd material and behaviours. To enforce the new standards the citizens wear devices on their neck and wrists that monitor their every move.

Tanukichi is transferring to a new school and not just any school, but the country’s leading elite “Public Morals School”. He is hoping to prove himself worthy of Anna, the Student Council President and his longtime crush.

It’s his first day and already he’s found himself embroiled with renowned perverted terrorist Blue Snow. She tries to convince him to join her organisation and help her spread lewd material and dirty jokes in protest to the government regulations. Continue reading “Shimoneta – Season One”

High School DxD – Season Three

Rias takes her group to the underworld for summer break, although a break is the last thing they can expect. She has arranged a series of training camps for each of them, specifically designed to enhance their skills and unlock their abilities.

Issei trains with a past Red Dragon Emperor but doesn’t manage to unlock his ultimate ability. Seeing his disappointment, Azazel offers him some advice. Before he has a chance to really consider the wisdom, Loki crashes the party and attempts to start another war.

Rias and Issei try to protect Koneko from her big sister, who is working with Loki. They are struggling to win until Issei remembers Azazel’s advice and with the reluctant assistance of Rias, he unlocks his balance breaker power. Continue reading “High School DxD – Season Three”