Island – Season One

Setsuna wakes on a beach with no memory or clothes. Before he can react, a local girl, Karen discovers him and alerts the authorities. With no identity or any reason to hold him, they give him some clothes and let him go, although the island elders want him off the island.

Believing he has travelled through time, Setsuna returns to the beach and falls asleep. He is woken by a familiar song and remembers that he must save a girl, and he believes that girl is Rinne. Curious about the local legends attached to their names, Rinne hires Setsuna as a house cleaner.

The next day he meets Sara, a local holy girl who believes a time traveller will appear and that she is destined to kill him. What’s more, there is a strange illness affecting the population, making exposure to the sun potentially life-threatening. Continue reading “Island – Season One”

Otaku on Writing Podcast (Episode 15)

In the last episode of Otaku on Writing, Street Fighter II took a beating. Killian might disagree, but he’s wrong. This week we try to come up with an idea for some more stories. We might stray a little off topic…

One line pitch! Like a crap version of Edward Scissor Hands…

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And now for our regularly scheduled entertainment…

Author Journey September 2018

So, if August was a lean month for writing, then September was practically a famine. It was my lowest month for both writing and editing so far this year, but don’t get too down, a lot of the work I had put in earlier is starting to come to fruition. Valiant Lineage, book 6 – The Lady in the Lake went live and book 7 – The Kid, the Dead, and the Ugly goes live in four days.

On top of those, we also released two more books in the Otaku Stories series. First, we released book 3: Symbiote and it features my story, Fire and Slice. These stories were inspired by the 1980’s anime series The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armour and all of them are great. It is without a doubt our strongest collection. So, if you enjoy space marines, strange and exotic worlds with deadly creatures, or some fairly dark comedy then you will love these stories.

After that, we released book 4: Trope, with my short Samurai School for Girls. This collection was inspired by the brilliantly zany anime Project A-ko. Again, these are all very entertaining. Jon’s steampunk story was also selected for the story podcast – The Other Stories where it was professionally narrated. If you enjoy podcasts and stories, you should definitely check them out. Continue reading “Author Journey September 2018”

Otaku on Writing Podcast (Episode 14)

Last week Killian selected Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. I have fond memories of this movie and the game is one of my all time favourites. Please let this stand the test of time!

One line pitch! It was all about street fights, wasn’t it?

Any other news? Well, we’ve done it again. The fourth collection has just been released – Trope: Otaku Stories Four. Inside you’ll find my story – Samurai School for Girls

And now for our regularly scheduled entertainment…

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

All Might has been invited to the floating research island I. It’s the summer break at school and he has asked Midoriya to accompany him. Once they’ve cleared the state of the art security they are greeted by Melissa Shield, the daughter of All Might’s old partner.

Noticing that All Might is struggling to keep his hero form, David Shield convinces Melissa to give Midoriya a preview of the I-expo, a fair for all things hero related. Midoriya quickly learns that he’s not the only member of Class 1A to have come to the island.

During a fancy reception to officially open the I-Expo a team of villains take over the island, capturing all the pro-heroes. Midoriya and his friends will have to overcome incredible odds if they are to save the day. Continue reading “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes”