Temporal by Killian Carter

Well, this is it. It’s the last addition to the Alteruvium Expanse. Don’t be sad, we’ve had a lot of good times, but it can’t go on forever. So, to celebrate this milestone the rest of the books in the series will be FREE for today (that’s June 25, just so we’re clear.) Including Asteroidea!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to read them all today. You can go and buy them all now for zero dollars, pounds, or whatever currency you use and read them whenever you want. Crazy, right?

It doesn’t have to stop there. Your friends can get them for free, your family can get them for free, and even your archnemesis can get them for… that’s right… for free. Although, if you wanted to tell them it’s tomorrow, that’s fine, they are your archnemesis after all. Continue reading “Temporal by Killian Carter”

Asteroidea – FREE for the 24 Hours

Ever wondered what Alien would have been like with starfish instead of Xenomorphs?

Of course you have! Well, wonder no more. Asteroidea is free for the next 24 hours. Starting right now (00:01 Pacific Time, 03:01 Eastern Time, 08:01 British Summer Time), today (June 25, 2018).

Did I mention that it’s free? Still not sure, he’s the book description.

It was supposed to be the discovery of a lifetime, but some things are best kept on ice…

Renowned marine biologist, Dr. Jane Crawford arrives on the frozen world of Caldwell IV to investigate an unprecedented biological discovery at a water extraction plant. Jane has devoted her life to the search for extraterrestrial life. Could she have finally found it?

She needs time to conduct her research, but the plant foreman has other ideas. He has orders to fulfil and he’s not prepared to shut down operations for a microscopic organism. Unfortunately for everyone involved, that is about to become the least of their problems.

Asteroidea is an action-packed homage to the classic creature feature. If you like fast-paced horror, daring heroines, and unrelenting ravenous monsters, then you’ll love this short story. Ideal for reading on the bus, at the aquarium, or anywhere the lights are on…

Asteroidea by Lynn Sheridan

Alright, it’s finally the time you’ve all been waiting, well, I have anyhow. My addition to the Alteruvium Expanse is available now on Amazon. It is just over ten thousand words, so even I can read it in one sitting, like a movie, a creepy, dark, monster movie.

Now, I know I keep going on about leaving reviews. There are lots of reasons to leave reviews. For one they help others find the books they’re looking for, another is it helps give the book a level of legitimacy, but neither of those are the real reasons. If you really want to know, the secret is buried at the back of Asteroidea and it ain’t pretty…

Anyhow, I hope you check it out and enjoy my homage to the Creature Feature. I think you’ll agree that my choice of monster is memorable, to say the least. Continue reading “Asteroidea by Lynn Sheridan”

Twin Lives by S.L. Mason

So, this is the tenth story from the Alteruvium Expanse. I’ve now definitively concluded that two weeks is too long to wait. That being said it’s only two weeks until my story, Asteroidea, is released. Too long…

If you’ve enjoyed the stories from the Alteruvium Expanse, please can I ask that you take a moment to leave a review? It doesn’t have to be an essay, something short and simple is appreciated just as much. There are only two more stories to be released and your reviews show us that it’s been worth doing. Without them, we may move on to other projects and leave you will a huge Alteruvium shaped hole in your life.

Well, you’ve waited long enough, so let’s get right to it. Continue reading “Twin Lives by S.L. Mason”

Gateway by Paul B Kohler

It’s that time again! I know you’ve been patiently waiting for the next instalment in the Alteruvium Expanse. It feels like forever since B.K. Boes’ Call me M was released, but I can assure it has only been two weeks.

If you find yourself struggling for things to do between releases, you could always reread the entire back catalogue. They are nice quick reads that I’m sure you could squeeze into your busy weeks if you were creative. Maybe while you’re waiting to pick up the kids, standing in line at the grocery store, trying to wind down after a busy day at work, or even with your morning coffee.

The length is one of the things I’m really enjoying about these stories. I like being able to get through an entire story in less than an hour. Maybe if I read faster, I could get through an entire novel in that time, but I’m a long way off that.

If you enjoy these stories and authors, don’t forget to leave a review. For less than a handful of words, you can make an author’s day. It also helps other readers find stories.

I know, I know. Shut up and tell us about the new story… well, here you go. Continue reading “Gateway by Paul B Kohler”