Sunday Sevens: Waifu

I’m sure everyone remembers their first animated crush, but what about your first seven? Or better yet, the top seven?

What is this about? It was Valentine’s day this week, which means everyone is getting all mushy and lovey, so I’m going to bring it all crashing back down to Earth with my top seven anime crushes.

Before I continue, I should probably explain what a waifu is (I’m sure there are some out there that don’t know). Well, here is the dictionary definition. Yeah, it’s in the dictionary.

waifu. Noun. (fandom slang) A fictional character from non-live-action visual media (typically an anime, manga, or video game) that one is attracted to and considers a significant other.

Well, there you have it. Also, to be different, this week they are ranked from seven to one. Exciting!

7. Esdeath (Akame ga Kill)

The Tatsumi/Esdeath relationship is one of my favourite things in the Akame ga Kill series. I loved how it set up her desires to find a partner in a very pragmatic and Esdeath way of dealing with things. Then, when Tatsumi won the tournament she put on to find talented individuals to add to her team, she instantly fell for him, put him in chains, and took him back to her room…

Now, this probably all sounds a little crazy, but Esdeath means well, at least when it comes to Tatsumi. They had a lot of touching moments where Esdeath showed her softer side. Tatsumi even started to feel for her despite her being the enemy and a vicious killer. For me, that’s what made her such an incredible character. She’s the villain, she tortures and murders without a second thought, but you can’t help but fall for her. I also think that was what made the ending in the anime stronger than the manga for me.

6. Akeno Himejima (High School DxD)

Akeno is a strong and forceful girl. She knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it, even if that means going up against Rias, her superior. I love how forward Akeno is while remaining playful and approachable.

The real moment for me was when she opened up to Issei about her being half devil and half fallen angel. It showed her softer more vulnerable side. Giving her depth and conflicting attributes is what makes Akeno really interesting. She also takes more time and care with Issei, explaining his shortcomings in a way that Rias can’t.

5. Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Sure, I may have watched most of Sword Art Online in a twenty-four hour stretch whilst forgoing sleep, but that doesn’t mean how I feel about Asuna is any less real. The first time we meet her she’s cold and standoffish, but strong and fearless. You can’t help but admire her, even if she’d stab you if she noticed.

Then as the story continues and she has more and more interactions with Kirito we start to see the real Asuna, and she’s even cooler than the first impressions would have you believe. She’s sweet and caring, dedicated and determined. I loved everything about the series, but Asuna was the cherry on top.

4. Leone (Akame ga Kill)

Leone likes to play and she plays hard. It was her image on the cover of the manga that first drew me to the series, then having read all the manga available I dived into the anime. At that point, only the fifteenth and final volume had not been published and Leone’s fate was hanging by a thread. I’m not going to spoil it, but I had to fight back the tears.

She is very similar to Akeno in the way that she looks after Tatsumi and often teases and torments him, especially when he gets together with Mine. Her Teigu make her invulnerable and fearless, which I think she would be even without it. She is just awesome. (Trying not to think about the ending…)

3. Nico Robin (One Piece)

Robin is another of these girls with a dark side, maybe I need to talk to someone about that. When the Straw-hat pirates first meet Robin, she is an enemy working for Crocodile, but when Luffy defeats Crocodile and rescues her, she decides to stay with them. This is met with some resistance, but it soon faded away.

Often found with her nose in a book, Robin is the crew’s archaeologist, although this basically means she’s smarter than any of them and able to find her way around. Robin also has devil-fruit powers that enable her to replicate any part of her body anywhere. She can make arms sprout out of your back or eyes appear in walls. Even without those powers it would be hard to say no to anything Robin asks for.

2. Rias Gremory (High School DxD)

Where do I begin with Rias Gremory? For starters, just look at her. Long red hair, bodacious body, and she’s a devil princess… On top of that, she is fiercely loyal to her family and will break anyone and anything that tries to get in the way. Another dark and powerful girl, there really is a theme developing here!

But Rias does have a softer side. While she’s often calm and softly spoken, she really reveals her vulnerable nature when she confides in Issei the things that are expected of her. You also wouldn’t think that a devil princess would get jealous, but it also shows how much she cares. Seriously, I love this series and everyone it, but Rias is the tops.

1. Saeko Busujima (Highschool of the Dead)

Are you really surprised? Of course it’s Saeko at number one. She’s dark and dangerous, strong, determined, incredible with a sword, but also cool and calm, reserved and timid. With all the incredible girls in Highschool of the Dead, you’ve got to be incredible to blow them all away.

Sure, it’s my favourite anime, but is that because of Saeko or is it the other way around. I don’t know and I don’t care. All that matters is that Saeko is number one. I even wrote a piece of fan-fiction where I got to meet her… I’m not crazy, really! It was a setup. Anyhow, Saeko rules all.

Anything to add? Well, that’s Valentine’s day well and truly over with. I hope you enjoyed my list of top anime Waifu. I know I did. I’ve no idea what I’m going to do as my list for next week, so if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments. As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. Esdeath? I’d say bold, but I’d be self-serving, since I saw her the same way! I had a couple of fanfic stories plotted out where Tatsumi tried to make it work with Esdeath. She was a great character!

    The only thing I can do about your #1 choice is to nod slowly in agreement. In a series packed with interesting female characters, she was head and shoulders above the competition!

    • Yeah, as vicious and crazy as Esdeath was she seemed to melt when around Tatsumi. I think the thing between them was why I enjoyed the end to the anime over the manga.

      That’s the correct response. That was the series that pulled me back into anime after several years in the wilderness. She was definitely a big part of it, but I can’t overlook the story. Sure, there’s lots of fan-service but I can’t fault the story one bit.

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