Sunday Sevens: One Piece Fights

There have been a lot of amazing fights in One Piece so far. I’ve just finished season twelve, four-hundred and twenty-one episodes, and these are my favourite fights.

What is this about? Like I said, I’ve watched a lot of episodes of One Piece and now seems like a good time to look back at some of my favourite fights. This isn’t to be confused with my favourite moments, I’ll do that in another post.

As with most shounen anime, there is a lot of fighting and having watched over four-hundred episodes that really means a lot. I’ve taken a quick glance through my reviews and put together my seven favourite fights.

There’s no order here, they’re all great fights. All right, let’s get it on!

This fight took place on Enies Lobby when the Straw-hat Pirates were trying to save Nico Robin from CP9. Each of the agents had a key, but only one would open Robin’s cuffs so they had to split up to find the keys fast.

Cute and lovable Chopper ended up going head to head with Kumadori and needed to use three rumble balls, awakening his uncontrollable monster point. This fight was epic not just because Chopper is unbelievably powerful when he does that, but he’s also risking his life to save his friends.

In Alabasta, the Straw-hat Pirates attempted to stop a revolution that had been encourage by Crocodile and his Baroque Works agents. Zoro faced off against the top agent, Mr. 1 (also known as Daz Bones) who had eaten the Dice-dice fruit that turned his body to blades.

This fight was insane. At one point, Zoro threw a building at Daz Bones. It was also the first time Zoro learnt to be able to cut steel. I love it when we see the actual development of the characters, watching them grow from fight to fight is part of the allure of the series.

I loved the Skypiea arc. The idea of an island in the sky that could only be got to by riding a water spout is crazy, but it was incredible. There were so many great fights as everyone got caught up in Eneru’s games, but it wasn’t until Luffy and Eneru came face to face that it really became incredible.

The face Eneru made when he tried to electrocute Luffy only to realise that his devil-fruit powers would have no effect on a Rubber Man. It was amazing to watch them go back and forth, trying to come up with new ways to defeat each other. This is still one of my favourite arcs.

Another of the fights on Enies Lobby saw Zoro go toe to toe with Kaku. As one of CP9’s strongest agents he was well versed in the six powers and had recently acquired some devil-fruit powers of his own. Admittedly, it made him able to transform into a giraffe, but even so he was an incredibly strong opponent.

At one point the tower they were fighting was sliced in two, allowing part of it to slip to one side exposing the sky. Zoro had to perfect a number of techniques he’d been working on in order to win. Considering Zoro has no devil-fruit powers, it’s unreal that he is so powerful.

This was the fight to end all fights on Enies Lobby. Luffy fought the terrifying Rob Lucci for the second time, but had learnt a lot since they last fought. Lucci is the greatest agent CP9 has ever seen and he has devil-fruit leopard powers.

In order to win this fight, Luffy had to give it everything he had unleashing his second gear and third gear techniques. Having won the fight, all he could do was lie there as the Marines aimed every weapon they had at the remains of the tower. Epic!

On Water 7, the Franky Family stole a lot of money from the Straw-hats and when Usopp tried to get it back they beat him up. Not happy with this at all, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper walked straight into the Franky Family’s base and started kicking ass.

The fights in One Piece tend to be more one on one, so this was a rare treat to see all the big guns firing at once. It was a very satisfying moment and a lot of fun. Hard to believe that they would become allies later in the series after that ass whopping!

I said there wasn’t an order, but this is definitely the best. It’s also not much of a fight. The Celestial Dragon, a member of the world’s ruling family, had just bought Camie at a slave auction, then he shot Hatchan and bragged about it. Luffy got pretty mad and the rest is history.

This was all just an excuse to put the gif in a post again. It is such a satisfying moment. Luffy is standing up against slavery, racism, and elitist class systems. What’s not to love?

Anything to add? If you’ve not seen One Piece, I would highly recommend it. Sure, there are a lot of episodes, almost nine-hundred now! I’ve been watching one episode a day for just over a year so it’s not been too intrusive and still allows me to watch other shows. It’s going to take a while whatever way you choose to watch it, but it is worth it.

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  1. Not sure if you’ve gotten this far yet, but Franky vs. Senor Pink is one for the record books. If you aren’t there yet, it’s something you can look forward to!

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