Sunday Sevens: Name that Anime!

I’ve found seven awesome looking anime gifs, but have no idea what they are from. Please can you help me?

What is this about? I enjoy a good gif as much as the next person, maybe a little more. Well, this week I have collected together seven gifs that particularly spoke to me and that I have no idea what anime it’s from. Basically, I need your help to identify these anime.

If I can, I would like to watch them all, so that I can understand the context of the gif and they also look kind of cool. Plus it’s a chance for you to show off your anime knowledge and who doesn’t want to look cool in front of everyone else?

All right, let’s get on with it.

Gif 1: Angry School Girl

She looks pissed! I loved the crazy purple aura coming off her hair and the serious glare she’s giving the other girl, but who are they?

Gif 2: Towel Girl with a Gun

Someone has obviously just said something that has disrupted her bath time and I want to know why!

Gif 3: Axe Girl

Either she really needs some firewood or someone or something is attacking, but who, why, and what? Help, I need to know.

Gif 4: Deep Thought

Who is this girl and what is she thinking about? I feel like something pretty big has happened to get a stare like that going!

Gif 5: Kicking Spider’s Ass

This just looks cool. I’m not too worried about context as I think it’s kind of self-explanatory, but I do want to see more.

Gif 6: What?

I have no idea what is going on, but I want to know why those guys are praying to a pair of floating panties!

Gif 7: Staring Contest

This one is just too cool not to find out what is going on. Look at the size of those swords and the intensity in their stares. What is this anime?

Anything to add? That concludes my first Name that Anime post. I say first because I have a feeling this could become a regular thing. If you do know what any of these anime are, I would really appreciate you letting me know in the comments. Like I said, if I can find them and watch them I will. Thanks for you help!

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  1. Only one I recognise is Gif#6 which is from ‘Gabriel DropOut’. The blonde girl is a lazy otaku angel who attempts to teleport herself to class so as not to be late but accidentally teleports just her panties instead.

  2. #3 has to be the psycho girl from that silly show, Mirai Nikki.

    #4 I think is from Cross Ange, which I never watched but I remember liking that girl’s character design.

  3. First one looks like The Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, an excellent comedy.
    Third one is Mirai Nikki, drama / psychological.
    Fourth looks like Cross Ange. I don’t remember her having a bandage on her face, but the eyes and hair 100% look like the main character, Ange. Great anime. I watched it for anime C of my A to Z.
    Fifth one looks like Black Bullet, an anime that’s a bit too loli heavy considering the actual plot, which is decent. Could be wrong, but that looks like the main girl from it.

    • Awesome. Thanks for your help. I will check them out and report back.

    • I think you’d enjoy all of them, to be honest.
      Black Bullet is the sketchiest of them all I think… the plot / story are good, but the lolis are just not necessary for most of it.

    • I’m not too sure lolis are ever really necessary. This seemed like a fun way to get some recommendations.

  4. Let’s fee, I think they all got answered already but here goes my guesses
    1- Daily lives of High School Boys (The girl by the river – love that skit)
    2 – Chaos Dragon?
    3- Future Diary
    4 – Cross Angel
    5 – Cutie Honey
    6- Gabriel Drop-Out
    7- I dunt know…but it looks super familiar.

    • Thanks for the comprehensive list. I will have to check them all out.

  5. Looks like you got most of the answers already!

    I think #7 is God Eater. Alisa’s so powerful it’s ridiculous! But I thought it was fun to watch. Cool OP, too.

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