SSSS. Gridman – Second Chances (Episodes 5-8)

What’s happened since last time? Gridman continues to easily defeat whatever Kaiju Akane creates with relative ease. The big change is that now everyone knows that Akane is behind it and that the city isn’t really what it seems.

Have your feelings changed? My original feelings were tied to the impressiveness of the battles and the overall destruction. It was exciting and cool. I also predicted that it was a virtual world or something similar, so far that’s not looking like a bad prediction.

Sadly, I really couldn’t get into it with the middle episodes. Every battle is just too easy. There never really seems to be anything at stake or any risk. Another issue I have is that they’ve explained how the city keeps rebuilding itself, but what about all the people? We know that when someone is killed their past is altered. With the scale of the destruction, the population should be a mere fraction of what it once was.

Favourite character so far? Rikka is currently my favourite character, but mostly because everyone else is kind of meh! Calibur is cool, but he’s not as involved as before.

Who do you want to see more of? I think I’m going to go dark. We need more Akane and more destruction. She needs to start killing the Gridman Alliance. No more trying to make a spectacle, just total annihilation.

Are you going to continue watching? Honestly, if I wasn’t already eight episodes in, I would be dropping this series. Something pretty spectacular needs to happen in the last four episodes for me to even consider watching season two, if that happens.

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