Senran Kagura (Season One)

Training to be a ninja can be tough, especially when a group of evil ninja bust into the neighbourhood causing all sorts of trouble!

What did you watch and why? Right now, I’m not entirely sure how to answer either of those questions. I’d noticed a couple of episode reviews for season two of Senran Kagura which came out in the Autumn schedule and flagged it as something to catch up on later. I guess that’s the why, but the what is going to take a little more explaining.

What’s it about? Asuka, the granddaughter of a legendary Shinobi master attends a top secret ninja academy with four other girls. As you would expect it’s all top secret and conducted out of the view. This may be easier said than done when you consider the five girls training to become ninjas.

They are sent to deal with some delinquents causing trouble in the town, but there is something much more sinister pulling the strings. Soon the girls are encountering a number of evil ninja, all stronger and better trained than themselves. Each time, however, the evil ninja leaves before finishing them off.

Before long, they have been pulled into an epic battle with an academy of evil ninja that seeks to create the strongest ninja possible and unite two ancient powerful scrolls.

What hooked you? It was fairly obvious from the start that this is not at all a serious anime. Busty ninjas in bikini bottoms flying through the air just about sets your expectations. For a while, I wasn’t fully engaged with the story. It was fun and silly, but kind of pedestrian.

Then having watched the girls eat sushi rolls in a fairly provocative manner, the master ate his in the same way, which was very funny. This ended up being a repeated joke that didn’t seem to be quite as funny each time they did it.

What was your favourite scene? This was a tough one, as whilst there was lots of action, none of it really stood out. I think I’m going to go for the two-day hiking training, where all of the girls were sent into the wild to try to find a scroll at the top of a mountain. There were lots of fun scenarios with ridiculous and outrageous outcomes.

What was your least favourite scene? Again, nothing really stood out in this respect either. Whilst not necessarily a scene, I thought the lewdness that I had heard of and was expecting, was kind of tame. There was lots of bouncing and jiggling, the frequent boob grab, but it almost became boring. There’s something I never thought I’d say.

Who was your favourite character? Oddly, I ended up enjoying the evil ninjas more than the good ninjas. Haruka, who was the recent star of Saturday Sketches, and Homura were my favourites. They were not how I had imagined ninjas would look, but I’m certain my outlook won’t be so narrow anymore. Homura even had tan lines while in her ideal fighting outfit…

Who was your least favourite character? Also one of the evil ninjas. It was Mirai. She was fairly annoying, although it was quite funny that Yagyuu would continuously ignore her even during fights. I didn’t care for her design or the arsenal of weapons she had stashed up her skirt.

Which character needs more screen time? I would have enjoyed either of Haruka and Homura getting more screen time. From the good ninjas, I think we could have seen a little more of Katsuragi. She was the comic relief of the group and a tough warrior. I would have liked to see everything in a real-world setting rather than the Shinobi Kekkei which was like an alternate reality. I want to see ninjas jumping off rooftops and leaping between buildings.

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? This series is based on a video game and it shows. The focus was too much on setting up one on one fights in bright and colourful scenes, rather than trying to come up with a solid storyline. It’s probably closest to season one of Maken-ki, although it’s not as good and doesn’t have any harem elements.

Would you like another season? So, there is another season which aired recently and at the moment, I’m in two minds as to whether I will continue. I’m definitely not going to rush in there, which is a bit of a red flag in my mind. Eventually, I probably will watch it, but it’s definitely not a priority at the moment.

What elements of the story inspire you? I think there are some fun elements that could be taken from this. The girl’s ninja school is a great start and ironically, I already have a short story published about a samurai school for girls. It’s available in Trope: Otaku Stories Volume Four. It’s something I would consider making into a longer series at some point too as I had a lot of fun writing it.

AnimerciseThis is another full season for 2019, adding another twelve episodes to my complete series count and a load more push-ups, sit-ups, and squats.

Episode Count: 12 (88)

Push-ups – 120 (480)

Sit-ups – 120 (470)

Squats – 120 (450)


  1. I can assure you, Senran Kagura 2 was an incredible train wreck.

    If you’re planning on watching it without the intention of featuring it on your site, it would be wrong of me not warn you in advance.

    However, if you do showcase season two, I look forward to reading what you have to say.

    • Haha! Now, I’m intrigued. The most fun reviews to write are for series I either really enjoyed or really didn’t. Season 1 was just a bit too bland, relying on the fan-service which wasn’t even that impressive.

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