Saturday Sketches (Week 6) – Haruka

It turns out we’ve been lied to. Now, I’m not talking about politicians or the media, although I’m sure they’re a part of it. I’m talking about ninjas. Everything we know about them has been a lie.

What did you draw this week?

So, it looks like I’m taking inspiration from the series I’ve recently watched. This week I managed to squeeze in Senran Kagura, which is the newfound source for everything ninja. It’s an interesting watch and I’ll be sure to get the review out soon.

Basically, in Senran Kagura there are good ninjas and evil ninjas, which admittedly is a bit on the nose, but whatever. All of the ninjas that the show follows are girls and there is a great deal of clothing shredding action…

Anyhow, as I was watching there was one character that stood out as one to draw, especially as I had said last week how I’d like to draw more of the body too. Well, this one has body, that’s for sure…

So, here is Haruka the evil ninja. Enjoy!

And you thought ninjas wore black, tight-fitting clothing. It was all a lie!

For this sketch, I switched to an A3 pad, which for those that don’t know is twice the size of the regular A4 sheets. That’s close to twice the size of standard sheets of paper in the States too. That combined with the mechanical pencil means that I’ve been able to get more of the body in without sacrificing detail.

Want to see me draw someone or something (I’m prepared to draw mecha or monsters too) then put in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

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