Saturday Sketches (Week 10) – Nadie

“If you have any last words, say them now.”

What did you draw this week?

The most recent anime in my A to Z Anime Challenge was El Cazador de la Bruja and I absolutely loved it. Everything about the series was incredible. So, I thought why not take a little more time to draw Nadie, the bounty hunter hero of the story and my favourite character.

Yes, I know. It’s another female character, but what can I say, I enjoy strong female characters and there’s nothing wrong with that. Anyhow, if you’ve not seen the series, I would absolutely recommend it. Everything from the animation to the music to the major arc and minor arcs is beautifully done.

This has easily become one of my favourite anime series. So, here’s Nadie.

I’m actually really pleased with this one. It’s nice to do a more dynamic pose as you can feel more action coming from the picture. I also used my eraser more than ever as I shifted stuff around and got all the proportions to how I think they should be.

At some point, I really do want to start doing these digitally and then I can colour them too. If anyone has any advice on where to start I would love to hear from you.

Want to see me draw someone or something (I’m prepared to draw mecha or monsters too) then put in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

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  1. Wow, I haven’t been following people’s posts consistently these days, but these are great! Did you look up a reference image?

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Thanks. Yeah, all but one I’ve done so far is from an image. Hopefully, by the middle of the year I’ll feel confident enough to try some originals. I feel like they’re getting better so I’m moving in the right direction.

    • You’re definitely onto something here!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Thanks. I’m planning on doing a 30 day challenge later in the year where I draw an original character in a number of different poses/scenarios.

    • Looking forward to it!

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