Saturday Sketches: Week 1

Is this category new? Yes, I’m glad that you noticed. I’m going to try and get my drawing skills back up to full speed and wanted to do something that didn’t take all my focus away from writing. So, I’m going to do a sketch of a character from a manga or anime, although eventually, I do intend to create some original characters.

This week’s sketch comes from Ikki Tousen, a manga about teenagers with the spirits of ancient warriors trapped within ancient jewels that grant them incredible powers. Basically, it’s just a big inter-school turf war with clothing shredding battles.

The lead character, Hakufu Sonsaku seems to be a laid back ditz, but when you piss her off, you had better hope your in a different country at the time.

I’m hoping to see an increase in my skills and style as the weeks go on and am willing to give most characters a go. So, if there’s anyone you’d want to see me draw, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Ikkitousen is that one anime series that I feel guilty for having watched all 4 seasons haha. Enjoyed it back then though, part of me was considering maybe revisiting it when I noticed they are still coming out with more content. Have no clue how I’d feel about it now, which is what makes me curious.

    If you are taking suggestions then of course I have to offer one:
    Albedo from Overlord!, or Shalltear, or Narberal would also be cool, in case you wanted a little more selection. Up to you of course. Either way I’m sure it’ll look great seeing as you are pretty good at drawing / sketching!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Thanks. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes and read some of the manga. Maybe I need to take on all four seasons if there’s still more coming.

      Great selections. Lupusregina is my favourite from Overlord, maybe I’ll maybe a month of it and do them all!

  2. Whoa… that is amazing! Like Yomu, I remember the very reason why I started watching that show and it wasn’t because I loved the fighting (although, that was a plus). I never finished it because I borrowed a DVD of like the first few episodes and at the time, anime was scarce. But that is a really cool drawing!

    Might I suggest the lovely Eureka from Eureka Seven? To give you options, I’ll also suggest Arin Kannazuki from Trinity Seven? Those were random characters!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Awesome, thanks. I will add them to the list. The more variety the better. I need to find a style that works for me.

      Eventually, I’d like to learn how to do digital drawings, but one step at a time.

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