Sankarea: Undying Love (More Ranko Highlights) – A Yomu and Lynn Collab

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The latest discussion on Sankarea: Undying Love can be found over on Yomu’s blog, where we analyze episodes 6 and 7. That means it’s time for more Ranko Highlights!

Here are the links to all of our Sankarea posts if you want to get up to speed.

Sankarea: Undying Love (Episodes 6 & 7) – A Lynn and Yomu Collab

So, if you’re still here, it’s because you’re itching for some more pictures of the indisputable series best girl – Ranko, which is understandable. Enjoy!

Sankarea Ranko stripped by Rea
Sankarea Ranko Tells Chihiro Off
Sankarea Ranko Attacks
Sankarea Ranko Boobs
Sankarea Ranko Throwing Block
Sankarea Ranko Yukata
Sankarea Ranko Smile

Don’t forget to check out our discussion of episodes 6 and 7. It turns into quite the Chihiro bashing sessions, which is fair and funny. Don’t forget to let us know if you’ve seen Sankarea or have been inspired to watch it.

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