Sankarea: Undying Love (Lady Sanka Highlights) – A Yomu and Lynn Collab

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You can find our latest discussion of Sankarea: Undying Love over on Yomu’s blog. This time we’re looking at episodes 10 and 11. In a time-honoured tradition, I shall do a highlights post to…er… honour that post.

Here is the link to the latest Sankarea post.

Sankarea: Undying Love (Episodes 10 & 11) A Lynn and Yomu Collab

Normally, I would fill this post with pictures of the indisputable best girl – Ranko, however, she was barely in episode 10 or 11, so I have instead dedicated this post to Lady Sanka. After what Chihiro and Danichiro have put her through, it’s the least I could do!

Sankarea Lady Sanka Kimono
Sankarea Lady Sanka Lying Down
Sankarea Lady Sanka Garter Belt
Sankarea Lady Sanka Sultry Pose
Sankarea Lady Sanka More Garter Belt
Sankarea Lady Sanka Bikini
Sankarea Lady Sanka Cleavage
Sankarea Lady Sanka Cleavage Crying
Sankarea Lady Sanka Crying

Sorry, Ranko, you weren’t in it… She does not look amused!!!

Sankarea Ranko Not Amused

Well, this will be the last highlights post from Sankarea: Undying Love. Next week I’ll be posting the thrilling conclusion to the series, so I’m afraid this is goodbye for now, highlights post, I will miss you… Don’t forget to check out all of our discussion. It’s been a hell of a ride!

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